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Alexzandra Spencer Johnson (born November 4, 1986 in New Westminster, Canada, shortly Alexz Johnson) is a Canadian actress and singer. She has become known in Germany, mainly through its role as a Jew Harrison in the Canadian series Instant Star.


Alexz Johnson was born on 4 November 1986 in New Westminster, British Columbia (Canada) was born. It is the sixth of ten children of the Johnson family. One of her sisters is a stage actress and her brother Brendan is a musician and writes her songs with her.

At the age of three, Alexz would frequently sing for her large family. At seven, she received voice lessons and participated with her local youth in various events, giving solo performances followed for example in their school. She participated in many talent competitions and won the 1997 at the age of 11 years, a National Anthem Contest, which was seen in their interpretation of the Canadian national anthem on national television. This led to numerous radio and television interviews and made it known in the management of various record companies. That same year she was also chosen by the Vancouver Sun’s Best Anthem singer of the year.

She then sang it for games with the Vancouver Canucks (NHL hockey team) and the Vancouver Grizzlies (NBA basketball team), the national anthem, they also appeared at charity events and fairs in British Columbia, as in the BC Summer Games. On New Year’s Eve 1999, she returned with 12 years at Planet Hollywood.

With her extrovert personality, she began acting on it. So she was among other roles in various commercials. At age 13, she applied for a role in the Disney Channel series So Weird (dt: Fiona’s web site), whose last season was looking for an actress who can sing well. After her audition, Johnson was offered the role immediately. In this way she could win many fans for himself, both through her singing, as well as her acting performances. She also worked with Sun on unreleased soundtrack to Weird.

In the writing of songs, Johnson showed interest and said one of the songs for the show itself, too, after they had finished, she maintained this interest and was assisted by her brother Brendan. She then learned to play guitar. Additionally, she worked as a demo singer on various projects and made a demo tape of their own music to go with it to the record labels.

In the spring of 2004 by Linda Schuyler during the work on Canadian Idol (Canadian counterpart to Germany sucht den Superstar) the idea of producing a television series to reflect the ups and downs in his career and private life of a casting show winner should be. Schuyler and Stephen Stohn organized a three-month search across Canada to find someone for the leading role. They met with Alexz Johnson, which was chosen to play the role of Jew Harrison in the new series Instant Star.

During the work on Instant Star Johnson decided to take part in an audition for the role of Julie in Final Destination Christenson 3rd On the day of the audition, she appeared completely in black outfit (she later admitted) to have had a bad temper. The casting directors decided that it was perfect for the role of Erin Ulmer, a character with ever more pessimistic attitude.

On 15 Johnson announced in February her MySpace blog that she had a record deal with Epic Records label, part of Sony BMG-signed group.

On 11 June 2008, Johnson invited five new songs ( “Swallowed,” “Running with the Devil”, “Chicago”, “Easy” and “Golden”) high on her MySpace page.

* 2006: Songs From Instant Star (USA / UK 2005)
* 2006: Songs from Instant Star Two
* 2007: Songs From Instant Star Three (US / UK)
* 2008: Songs from Instant Star Four
* 2010: Voodoo (US / UK)


* 2005: Waste My Time (USA / UK)
* 2005: Time To Be Your 21 (US / UK)
* 2005: Let Me Fall (USA / UK)
* 2005: Temporary Insanity (USA / UK)
* 2005: That Girl (USA / UK)
* 2005: Pick up the Pieces (USA / UK)
* 2006: 24 Hours (USA / UK 2005)
* 2006: How Strong Do You Think I Am
* 2007: I Do not Know If I Should Stay (US / UK)
* 2010: Trip Around The World (USA / UK)


* 2004: Scooby-Doo 2
o Role: supernumerary
* 2005: Falcon Beach
o Role: Beach Girl
* 2005: Selling Innocence
o Role: Angel
* 2005: Reefer Madness (Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical)
o Role: The Arc-ettes/Vocal Ensemble
* 2006: Final Destination 3
o Role: Erin Ulmer
* 2007: Devil’s Diary
o Role: Dominique
* 2009: Stranger With My Face
o Role: Laurie / Lia


* 2000-2001: So Weird (So Weird)
o Role: Annie Thelen
* 2004-2008: Instant Star
o Role: Jew Harrison

Guest appearances

* 2004: The Chris Isaak Show
o Episode: Taking Off
o Role: Jennifer
* 2004: The Collector
o Episode: The Ice Skater
o Role: Isabelle Van Sant
* 2004: Cold Squad
o Episode: Teen Angel
o Role: Deirdre Spence / Tricia Spence
* 2008: Smallville
o Episode: Legion
o Role: Saturn Girl

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