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Ana de la Reguera began its studies of action and arts in the Institute Veracruzano de Cultura and was anfitriona of Footbridge in Television Veracruz. Later it left Television and it studied with Rose Maria Bianchi, Patricia Kings Spindo it and Rafael Miranau. As with Raul Quintanilla in center of Actoral Formation of Aztec TV (CEFAC).

Its race of action began with the roll in the Blue soap opera (1996) followed by small Town, great hell (1997) by which received the Heraldo prize by better feminine actress, and Mix-up that was his third soap opera under the direction of Ernesto Alonso.

Temptations (1998) marked to their beginning with Productions Argus. And it received the supply of a paper in Destiny and Everything by love, by which it received the prize gold Palms.

Face or Cross was his first soap opera Co produced between Argus Comunicación and Telemundo, who was done for the Hispanic hearing in the United States. Soon it was relayed in Mexico, by independent channel CNI. It participated in the soap opera By you of Aztec TV and the split miniseries of Pedro the flaky one, Like Pedro by his house which was a Co production between Caracol Television of Colombia and Telemundo.

Race in the cinema

Its race in the cinema initiated in By the Free one, under the direction of Juan Carlos de Llaca. Later a Secret of Hope would act in the film and in 2003 Ladies Night, next to Ana Claudia Talancón. In 2005 estelarizó Gypsy transmitted by Telemundo in the United States.

The paper by which it occurred to know outside Latin America was the one of the Brother Incarnation in Free Nacho, film of Jared Hess, director of Napoleon Dynamite.

In 2006, he was anfitriona of the MTV Prizes next to the Molotov band.

Reguera also has participated in tapes like Sultanes of the South and Travel Paradise of the Colombian Simón Brand released in 2008, and the film To Happy Death.

Also Communication participated with Argus in the series of HBO Latin America “Capadocia” next to Rebecca Jones.

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