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Charles Hamilton (November 10, 1987 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American rapper. He grew up in Harlem.

Hamilton is currently at Interscope Records. He was a wider audience through his 2008 debut single “Brooklyn Girls known. The song was the 57th Achieved rank in the annually published charts of Rolling Stone magazine. The music video for Brooklyn Girls was filmed by director Matt Alonzo.

Note: For most of his mixtapes are pictures of Sonic on it.

Ollie: It’s Charles Hamilton

Outside Looking

Sonic The Hamilton

The Best Of The Hamiltonization Process

Death Of The Mixtape Rapper

Crash Landed

Staff Development

Well Is not This Awkward (Mixtape) Friday, February 13, 2009

* 2008: “Brooklyn Girls”
* 2009: “Loser”
* 2009: “Barbera Walters”

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