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Claire Catherine Danes (* 12 April 1979 in New York) is an US-American actress.

When twelve-year-old boy daughter New Yorker pairs of artists ergatterte Danes a role in Steven of Spielberg Schindlers list, but when one malfunctioned it the school teaching during the trick in Poland, she jumped off the project and went back to New York town center. Their leading role in the TV serial welcome in the life (1994-95) brought in not only a Golden Globe for Danes, but made it and its TV-partner Jared Leto filming acre, while it visited the Performing kind High School OF New York.

1998 received it London Critics Circle film Award as a best actress for William Shakespeares Romeo + to Julia.

After it had turned 1998 Brokedown off Palace in September, it began a four years old psychology study to the Yale University (their recommendation letter Oliver Stone wrote). Since 2002 Danes works continuously on its film career and played among other things in the film drama Igby.

After their relationship with the actor Matt Damon (1996), to who Australian musician Ben Lee (1997-2003) and Billy Crudup (2003 – 2006) is associated Claire Danes since at the beginning of of 2007 with Hugh Dancy.


* 1990: Dreams OF Love
* 1994: Welcome in the life (My then-Called Life) (TV serial)
* 1994: Betty and its sisters (Little Women)
* 1995: An American Quilt (How ton of Make at American Quilt)
* 1995: Family celebration and other difficulties (Home for the Holidays)
* 1996: I Love You, I Love You emergency
* 1996: Shade of a love (ton of Gillian on ago 37th Birthday)
* 1996: William Shakespeares Romeo + Julia (William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet)
* 1997: U-turn – no way back (U-turn)
* 1997: The Regenmacher (The Rainmaker)
* 1998: Yesterday I was still virgin (polish Wedding)
* 1998: Les Mis?bles
* 1999: Mod Squad – Cops on time (The Mod Squad)
* 1999: Brokedown Palace
* 2002: Igby (Igby Goes down)
* 2002: The Hours – from eternity to eternity (The Hours)
* 2003: It’s universe About Love
* 2003: Terminator 3 – Rebellion of the machines (terminator 3: Rise OF the Machines)
* 2004: Steam turbine and gas turbine systems Beauty
* 2005: Shopgirl
* 2005: The family Stone – getting engaged forbade! (The Family Stone)
* 2007: Keep in track a life (Evening)
* 2007: The star rambler (Stardust)
* 2007: The flock – darken impulses (The flock)

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