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Diane Keaton Biography & Photos

Diane Keaton (born January 5, 1946 in Santa Ana, California, USA as Diane Hall) is an American actress, film producer and a TV film director.


Their involvement in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Mafiaepos the beginning of her career in 1972 as well as later in the sequels in 1974 and 1990, where she played the girlfriend and later wife of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), contributed significantly to their career. Before that, she already appeared on Broadway in the musical Hair, where she refused to undress for her role.

Their most successful film was made in 1977 in collaboration with her then-boyfriend Woody Allen: The Annie Hall. For this film, Diane Keaton won the Oscar for best actress. Then she twisted together a whole series of films. For the film Reds from the year 1981, she received another Oscar nomination.

In the late 1980s began to Keaton, also lead to self-directed. In 1993 she became the female lead in short-term Manhattan Murder Mystery by Woody Allen, after his then-girlfriend Mia Farrow had separated from him. After the comedy The First Wives Club in 1996 with Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler could build only in 2003 on earlier successes in Something’s Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and it was Keanu Reeves in front of the camera. For her role in it represented, she received a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

Diane Keaton has two adopted children. She decided at the age of fifty years of becoming a mother after she had on the death of her father became aware of their own mortality. Keaton is a close friend of the actress Lisa Kudrow from the television series Friends.

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