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Elaine Youngs Biography & Photos

Elaine Youngs (born February 14, 1970 in El Toro, California) is an American beach volleyball player.

As of 2007, Youngs has won 38 professional beach volleyball tournaments in her career. In addition, she won a bronze medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics with teammate Holly McPeak. In 2002, she was named MVP of the AVP.

Youngs is a 1993 graduate of UCLA, where she majored in history.

Youngs played on the indoor womens team at the 1996 Olympics

Youngs is also known for her intense nature which has led to a string of broken partnerships, sometimes even public disagreements with her partners. She teamed with Rachel Wacholder for the 2005 and much of the 2006 season, but in August 2006, Wacholder left Youngs and partnered with Jennifer Kessy Boss. Youngs replaced Wacholder with Nicole Branagh for the 2007 AVP season.

On September 8, 2007 Youngs won the Goddess of the Beach tournament for the first time in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Youngs, nicknamed “EY,” currently resides in Durango, Colorado.

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