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George Eads (* March 1, 1967 in Fort Worth, Texas; actually George Coleman Eads III) is an American actor.

He graduated from Belton High School, he made 1985, the subsequent studies at Texas Tech University ended in 1990. Eads is still a member of the local students connect Phi Delta Theta Epsilon’s Texas Chapter. Before his breakthrough as an actor, he worked temporarily as a representative for photocopiers and as a cleaning power in gyms. Meanwhile, Eads co-owner of a chain of entertainment in Hollywood, restaurants and cinemas. He moved to the California forest fires in 2003, after Santa Monica.

His most famous role is that of the investigator Nick Stokes in the first series CSI CSI: The perpetrators on the track, which he plays since 2000. In 2004, he briefly dismissed because he did not start in time for filming the fifth season appeared what he said to verschlafen. Eads also played in some consequences of the series Emergency Room – The emergency room in a TV film the stuntman Evel Knievel and the movie Exit Wounds – The Copjäger with, and is in the comedy Just a Walk in the Park (2002) together with Jane Krakowski to see.


Starring roles

* Evel Knievel (2004, TV) as Evel Knievel
* Monte Walsh (2003, TV) as Frank “Shorty” Austin
* Second String (2002, TV) as Tommy Baker
* Just a Walk in the Park as Adam Willingford
* CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000, TV series) as Nick Stokes
* Grapevine (2000, TV series) as Thumper Klein
* The Spring (2000, TV) as Gus
* Crowned and Dangerous (1997, TV) as Riley Baxter
* The Ultimate Lie (1996, TV) as Ben McGrath
* Savannah (1996, TV series) as Travis Peterson (pilot episode); as Nick Corelli (in the series)
* 1995 “Pastime” 4 part mini-series for Irving Community Television Network as Todd Olson
* Dust to Dust (1994) as Black Wolf

Guest-starring roles

* Two and a Half Men

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