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Hawk Nelson is a Christian punk rock band from Peterborough, Ontario.

The band originally played for a few years in Ontario before they signed a contract with Tooth & Nail Records. In July 2004 she released her “Letters to the President.” The CD was produced by Aaron Sprinkle and Trevor McNevan who have co-written nine of the fifteen songs.

The band also had some mainstream success. They embodied “The Who” in an episode of the NBC drama “American Dreams” and wrote 2005 the single “Bring Em Out” for the film “Yours, Mine and Ours”.

In October 2005, published Hawk Nelson Letters to the President “is new. They brought new material, including the cover single “My Generation” by The Who, three acoustic versions of some of their hits and a limited edition cover. The band recently completed work on a new CD. “Smile, It’s The End Of The World” was released in April 2006, the single “Everything You Ever Wanted” became the number-one hit on Christian radio. Hawk Nelson spent the summer of 2006 in order to play at various festivals.

On 22 September 2009 Hawk Nelson released their fourth studio album, “Live Life Loud”.

Band Members

* Jason Dunn (vocals, keys)
* Jonathan Steingard (guitar)
* Daniel Biro (bass)
* Justin Benner – drums (2008-now)

Former band members

* Davin “Dave” Clark (guitar)
* Matt Paige (drums)
* Aaron Tosti, nicknamed “Skwid” (drums)



* Saturday Rock Action (2003)
* California EP (2004)
* Bring Em Out from the MGM Motion Picture “Yours, Mine, And Ours – EP (2005) (digital only EP available on iTunes Store)
* Gloria EP (November 2006)
* One Little Miracle EP (October 2008)
* Let’s Dance: The Remixes (December 2008)
* Summer EP (June 2009)


* Every Little Thing (2004)
* Letters to the President (2004)
* Things We Go Through (2004)
* Take Me (2004)
* Everything You Ever Wanted (2006)
* The Show (2006)
* Zero (2006)
* Friend Like That (2007)
* You Have What I Need (2008)
* One Little Miracle (2008)
* Let’s Dance (2008)
* Live Life Loud (June 2009)
* Meaning of Life (July 2009)
* Alive (August 2009)

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