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Jaime Pressly (* July 30, 1977 in Kinston, North Carolina) is an American actress.

Jaime Pressly, during their childhood and youth Rhythmic Gymnastic operation, has lived since its fifteenth year of life from their parents separated and arranged as a photo model in the United States and later in Tokyo and Milan for themselves

After 1992 as a body double for Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy – The deadly embrace had worked, began her career as an actress in 1997 with the horror film trip into space. First, they played only in B movies, with time, but for how Teeniekomödien One, two, Pie – Who has the choice, the agony, (2000), parodies as Tomcats, (2001) and crude comedies like Joe Dirt , (2001).

Besides Not Another Teen Movie Pressly worked in some music videos such as (The Space Between the Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith Smith’s Girls of Summer and Marilyn Mansons Tainted Love) and joined together with the Pussycat Dolls.

Pressly, inter alia, twice posed for Playboy (March 1998 and February 2004). Pressly of 2006, DOA: Dead or Alive, an adaptation of the computer game Dead or Alive. Besides the company maintains J’aime Production, which they brand J’aime Clothing sells.

On 11 May 2007, her son James Dezzi the world. The father is her current friend Eric Cubiche. A few months later it was for her role of Joy Turner in the TV series My Name is Earl with the Emmy as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series award, after the year before the prize to Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) had to cede.

In 2006, it ranked 17 of the “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006”

Year     Title     Role     Notes
2009     I Love You, Man     Janet Mills
2008     Horton Hears a Who!     Mrs. Quilligan
2006     DOA: Dead or Alive     Tina Armstrong
2005     Death to the Supermodels     Tiffany Courtney
2004     Torque     China
2001     Not Another Teen Movie     Priscilla
Joe Dirt     Jill
Tomcats     Tricia
2000     100 Girls     Cynthia
1999     Inferno     Dottie Matthews
1998     Can’t Hardly Wait     Beth
Ringmaster     Angel
1997     Poison Ivy: The New Seduction     Violet

Playboy Special Editions

* Playboy’s Book of Lingerie Vol. 58 November 1997 , Michael Bisco, pages 56-59.
* Playboy’s Book of Lingerie Vol. 62 July 1998 – pages 32-33.
* Playboy’s Nudes December 1998 – pages 16-17.
* Playboy’s Sexy 100 February 2003.

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