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James Andrew McAvoy (born April 21, 1979 in Glasgow) is a Scottish stage and film actor.

Life and Career

James McAvoy was born in Glasgow’s Scotstoun area. When he was seven years old, his parents separated and James was raised by his grandparents James and Mary Johnstone. His sister, Joy, however, remained with his mother, from the contact with his father pulled completely over the next few years. James attended St. Thomas Aquinas school in Scotstoun and soon took the decision to become an actor. He made 2000 at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama graduating and worked for a while as a baker.

At the theater McAvoy experience gained in well-known plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast and West Side Story. This was followed by appearances in British television series and films, as well as in the international production Band of Brothers (2001). In the science fiction mini-series Children of Dune (2003) he played the role of Prince Leto Atreides, ironically, the film Son of Alec Newman – in the British comedy drama Bright Young Things from the same year they played their peers. The role of Steve in the British hit series Shameless (2004), further improved McAvoys popularity in 2005, he played the character of Mr. Tumnus in the literature The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Narnia and 2006, alongside Forest Whitaker in the much-acclaimed drama The Last King of Scotland, which earned him including a nomination for the European Film Prize 2007.

His most successful role he played 2007 in the literature Atonement alongside Keira Knightley and directed by Joe Wright. The part of Robbie Turner, among other things brought him nominations for the Golden Globe Award 2008 and a European Film Award 2008th In the same year he was seen in Becoming Jane alongside Anne Hathaway too. In 2008 he was seen in the action thriller Wanted alongside Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman too.

McAvoy lives with his wife, actress Anne-Marie Duff in London.


James McAvoy (right) with Anne-Marie Duff at the Orange British Academy Film Awards 2007 at London’s Royal Opera House

* 1995: Hell next door (The Near Room)
* 1997: The Price of Honor (regeneration)
* 2000: Lorna Doone
* 2001: Swimming Pool – Der Tod feiert with
* 2001: Band of Brothers (TV series)
* 2002: Bollywood Queen
* 2002: Elizabeth George: No one cast the first stone
* 2002: White Teeth
* 2003: Bright Young Things
* 2003: Early Doors (TV series)
* 2003: Murder on page one (State of Play) (TV series)
* 2003: Children of Dune
* 2004: Shameless (TV series)
* 2004: Strings
* 2004: Inside I’m Dancing
* 2004: Wimbledon – Game, set and love … (Wimbledon)
* 2005: Macbeth (ShakespeaRe episode of the television-Told)
* 2005: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion of Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe)
* 2006: Starter for 10
* 2006: Penelope
* 2006: The Last King of Scotland – In the clutches of power (The Last King of Scotland)
* 2007: Atonement (Atonement)
* 2007: Becoming Jane (Becoming Jane)
* 2008: Wanted

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