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Jane Lauretta Goldman (born 11 June 1970 in Hammersmith, London) is an English screenwriter, author, model and television presenter. Between 2003 and 2004 she fronted her own paranormal series, Jane Goldman Investigates, on the popular channel Living.

Personal life

Goldman first became romantically involved with TV presenter Jonathan Ross when she was a 16-year-old pop columnist for the Daily Star newspaper, and married him in 1988, when she was 18. They have since had three children: Betty Kitten (named after Bettie Page) born July 1991, Harvey Kirby (named after comic book artist Jack Kirby) born March 1994 and Honey Kinny born February 1997. The family lives in Hampstead, London, England.


The Jane Goldman worked as a staff writer at the magazine zero, circa 1990-1992 games in the computer-poly shape. While pregnant with Betty Kitten, won the name ‘egkopon baby factory’ in one of the features staff. The Goldman wrote the new Dreamworld, four non-fiction books for young adults, and non-fiction, a series of two-volume book X-Files inexplicable, for the U.S. television spectacle. The Goldman appears as a character in author Neil Gaiman ‘short story “The events of the s in the case of the disappearance of Despoiniss Finch” (1996). It was the cowriter of the screenplay for the sense of magic, based on Gaiman ‘of the novel s, and has two other screenplays that period in pre: a thriller entitled debt adjustment and cinemas Mark Millar’ comedian of the donkey-kick s. June 2008 was named the producer of films of the year in Charm magazine ‘s Women of the Year awards.

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