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Jeff Fahey (* November 29, 1952 in Olean, New York) is an American actor.

Life and achievements

The family of Fahey moved to Buffalo when he was ten years old, where he attended the Father Baker’s High School, which he completed in 1972. Later, he undertook numerous trips, including to Israel and to India in this time he lived by casual jobs. Then he got a job at the Studio Arena Theatre in Buffalo, and later he moved to New York City, where he worked on Raft Theatre.

Fahey played in the years 1982 to 1985 in the award-winning television series One Life to Live. For his main role of Raymond Graham in the TV movie The Execution of Raymond Graham (1985), in which he beside George Dzundza and Morgan Freeman played, he was in 1986 for the Gemini Award nominations. In the horror film The Serpent of Death (1989), he played the main role, just in the action film My horse – my love (1989) and the action film True Blood (1989). In the thriller Iron Maze – In the Network of passion (1991), he played one of the leading roles alongside Bridget Fonda, in the science-fiction movie The Lawnmower Man (1992), he played the leading role alongside Pierce Brosnan. The Colors of Crime thriller (1992), he played one of the leading roles alongside Sean Young, in one of the supporting roles is Drew Barrymore to see. In the years 1995 to 1996, he joined in a principal role in the television series The Marshal. In the thriller Cold Heart (2001), he played in one of the main roles alongside Nastassja Kinski. Since 2008 he plays in the television series Lost the pilot Frank Lapidus.


* 1985: Silverado
* 1985: The Execution of Raymond Graham
* 1986: Psycho III
* 1987: Final Night – The last night (Backfire)
* 1988: His last fight (Split Decisions)
* 1989: The pyramids of death (Out of Time – The Serpent of Death)
* 1989: My horse – my love (Minnamurra)
* 1989: True Blood
* 1990: Blue Heat – lonely time for heroes (The Last of the Finest)
* 1990: White Hunter, Black Heart (White Hunter Black Heart)
* 1991: Body Parts
* 1991: Iron Maze – In the Network of passion (Iron Maze)
* 1992: The lawnmower man (The Lawnmower Man)
* 1992: Colors of Crime (Sketch Artist, alternatively: colors of death)
* 1993: In the network of desire (Woman of Desire)
* 1993: On the edge of darkness (In the Company of Darkness)
* 1994: Wyatt Earp – The life of a Legend (Wyatt Earp)
* 1995: The portrait of the Killers (Sketch Artist II: Hands That See, alternatively: attack from the Dark)
* 1996: Time Under Fire
* 1996: Darkman III: The Experiment (See, Darkman Die)
* 1997: Operation Delta Force
* 1997: Underground – The retaliation (The Underground)
* 1998: fairness to the death (When Justice Fails)
* 1999: Speed Train – death trip to hell (hijack)
* 1999: Ausgebeutet – hell behind bars (time served)
* 1999: The Seventh papyrus role (The Seventh Scroll) – TV
* 1999: Road Block (Detour)
* 2000: Enter Epic
* 2001: Cold Heart
* 2004: Day of Redemption
* 2004: Close Call
* 2005: Manticore – bloody claws
* 2005: locusts – The eighth Plage (Locusts: The 8th Plague)
* 2007: Grindhouse
* Since 2008: Lost (4th season)

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