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John Francis Daley (born July 20, 1985 in Wheeling, Illinois) is an American film actor and musician.


Daley is the son of an actor is also active RF Daley and the piano teacher Nancy Daley. He grew up in Nyack (New York) and played piano and drums in a school band. At the same time he stood for a few plays, including Grease, on the stage.

In 2000, he was cast for a short film, Allerd Fishbein’s in Love. The 21-minute film was his stepping stone, because shortly after Daley took a lead role in the short-lived, 18-episode TV series Freaks and Geeks in your life. In 2005, he was also in the short-lived series Kitchen Confidential seen.

Since 2007 he plays in the TV show Bones – The bone-hunter, the role of Dr. Lance Sweets.

Parallel to his work in film and television Daley is a member of the rock band Dayplayer, where he worked as a singer and keyboard player.


TV shows

* 2000: Freaks and Geeks in life (Freaks and Geeks)
* 2000/2001: Boston Public (Boston Public)
* 2002: Spin City (Spin City)
* 2004: Judging Amy (Judging Amy)
* 2005: Kitchen Confidential
* 2007: Bones – The bone-hunter (Bones)


* 2003: Flight Girls (View from the Top)
* 2005: extravaganzas disappeared (as Mitch operation candidates)


* 2 Young Artist Award nominations
* 2 Young Star Awards nominations

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