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Jonas Brothers is a band from Wyckoff, New Jersey, was founded in 2005. In the U.S., the band already has several albums on the market.

With 13 years at Nick diabetes. He was six years at a hairdresser discovered, in which he sang out in front of him. First just wanted Nick to a casting and took his brothers with as a band, but then he and his brothers under contract. 2005 was together with his brothers Joe and Kevin the band in the same year the song Mandy for a sampler of the series Zoey 101 recorded. 2006, her debut album It’s About Time, which is ranked 91 in the U.S. charts created. The single-outcoupling Year 3000 (a cover version of the same songs the band Busted) is the single most successful in Germany. For the soundtrack of the film Meet the Robinsons they sang the song Kids of the Future (a cover version of the 1980s hits Kids in America by Kim Wilde). In addition, they had a guest appearance in the Disney series Hannah Montana. With the actress they took the song We Got The Party With Us. Moreover, the Vorband on the Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus-Best of Both Worlds Tour. 2008 they won the Nick Kids’ Choice Award as best band. In the election on the Internet posed by the group against Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park. 2007 publish their new album Jonas Brothers. In 2008 they go with Avril Lavigne on tour through Germany. Moreover appears in 2008 in the Disney Channel movie “Rock Camp” with the Jonas Brothers.

The Disney Channel produces a reality series called Jonas Brothers: A band live their dream (original Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream) on the band. Broadcast is a week from 02 August 2008.

The Jonas Brothers earned in 2007 on $ 12,000,000. They donated 10% of their revenue to Nicks charitable organization Change for the Children Foundation.


Current members

The brothers

* Paul Kevin “Kevin” Jonas II (born November 5, 1987) – Lead guitar (usually a Gibson Les Paul) and backing vocals. Kevin is the eldest of the band. Goes by Kevin rather than Paul. Kevin helped produce the bands’ self-titled CD Jonas Brothers.

* Joseph Adam “Joe” Jonas (born August 15, 1989) – Lead vocals, percussion, guitar (in the song “A Little Bit Longer”). Joe is the “middle Jonas.” He originally had no intention of becoming a singer; he wanted to be a comedian and work on the show All That.

* Nicholas Jerry “Nick” Jonas (born September 16, 1992) – Lead vocals, guitar (usually a Gibson SG in the original red stain color), piano in the songs “When You Look Me in the Eyes” and “A Little Bit Longer,” and drums in the song “Australia.” Nick is the youngest brother in the band. On November 16, 2005 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

* Franklin “Frankie” Nathaniel Jonas (born September 28, 2000), also known as the “Bonus Jonas” and “Frank the Tank.” He will debut with his brothers on J.O.N.A.S!, and might have a small appearance in Camp Rock 2.

Backup band

* John Taylor – Guitar. Helps produce for the boys as well as plays guitar. Resident of Los Angeles.
* Greg Garbowsky – Bass guitar. Been with the brothers since they started. Born and raised in New Jersey. Keeps a blog of life on the road with the boys.[70]
* Jack “Flawless Lawless” Lawless – Drums and percussion. Joined the band in early 2007. Born and raised in Monmouth County, New Jersey.
* Ryan Liestman – Keyboards.

Former members

* Alex Noyes – Drums.


* 2006: It’s About Time
* 2007: Jonas Brothers
* 2008: A Little Bit Longer

Year     Title     Joe’s role     Nick’s role     Kevin’s role     Frankie’s role     Notes
2007     Hannah Montana     Joe     Nick     Kevin     Doesn’t Star     Guest appearance
2008     Disney Channel Games 2008     Joe     Nick     Kevin     Doesn’t Star     Themselves
Best of Both Worlds Concert     Joe     Nick     Kevin     Doesn’t Star     Main Role
Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream     Joe     Nick     Kevin     Frankie     Main Role
Camp Rock     Shane Gray     Nate     Jason     Doesn’t Star     TV Movie
Untitled TV Show (previously called J.O.N.A.S!)     Joe     Nick     Kevin     Frankie     Main Role
Jonas Brothers: Burning Up Concert     Joe     Nick     Kevin     Doesn’t Star     3D Concert Film
Studio DC: Almost Live     Joe     Nick     Kevin     Doesn’t Star     Main Role

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