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Louise Redknapp Biography & Photos

Louise-Nurding Redknapp (London, November 4, 1974) is a successful British singer. In the 90 years Louise was part of the British R & B group Eternal (she was the only white member), but went solo after a few years and built a career on their own.


Louise Nurding was born November 4, 1974 in London and grew up there too. She had a carefree childhood. As a teenager, Louise went to the famous Italia Conti Academy, where she met Kelle Bryan and became friends with. In 1992 the girls were asked to join a new English girl group: Eternal. Kelle Louise and voted in, because their passions were singing and dancing. Producers asked the girls to the Christian sisters Easther and Vernie Bennett, who had learned to sing in a choir. The quartet was the care taken with record label EMI Music and Eternal then took their first album Always & Forever, which appeared in November 1993. Their first single was “Stay and won the 4th place of the British Top 40. The album went double platinum status and was the first album by a British girl group, which in the history of some 1 million copies were sold. Subsequent singles Save Our Love, Just A Step From Heaven, Oh Baby I.. Crazy and all resulted in successful Top-20 hits in the UK charts, something that was unique at that time. Outside their home the girls went to the wind.

Solo career

Yet Louise was not happy in the band. She had always homesick for family and friends at home and missed enormously when Eternal was on tour. But that was not the only one. As a singer Louise had a strong feeling that she was not well enough developed in the band. Easther was the one who always lead vocals on all tracks on the Eternal’s account could take. Its purpose was Vernie, Kelle and Louise always do it with small solo pieces and lots of background vocals. In June 1995 Louise left Eternal for what it was. There were rumors that the label of Louise by the band was dumped to the chances of a breakthrough in America (where the group criticized because a white member (Louise) had) to increase. The management of the band, however, denied that this was the case.

Ironically, Robbie Williams left boy band Take That in the same period. That they aspired to a solo career, the singer was initially hidden from the media. After her departure, she pulled a while back. In that time she spent her attention to family and friends, and went looking for himself as a person. In the autumn of 1995 she signed a solo deal with EMI Music. Her first single was released in October called Light Of My Life. Critics saw it as a good choice for Louise with a song like this as a singer to launch. Initially we had expected the singer with a poppy upbeat song would arrive. Louise thought that myself. But Light Of My Life was so well edited (including the contribution of an orchestra) that they make peace with it. The song reached the 8th place in the British charts.


Beginning in 1996 followed half single: Love Walked In. Unfortunately, this number is not grasped by the public and it was no higher than No. 17 in the charts in England. We began to wonder whether Louise or not taken seriously as a solo artist could be. In May of that year followed the single Naked. This sexy-like pop song was accompanied by a video clip sensual. Both the clip and the song Louise surprised friend and foe. Doubts whether they would fail as a singer were then completely disappeared. The single reached # 5 in the British Top 40. Shortly after the release of the single appeared the long awaited solo debut, which also bore the name Naked. It sold well in England and was distinguished with platinum. In the rest of Europe did the little plate. Sales in England was well promoted by the singles followed: Undivided Love (# 5) and One Kiss From Heaven (# 9).

Woman In Me

Following the success of Naked Louise went back to the studio to prepare a completely new album. In November 1997 came the new project entitled The Woman in Me. The first album was coldly received by critics even with the new album the singer earned good reviews. Many saw Woman in Me as a diverse pop album and it seemed that Louise had found her own style. The album reached # 5 in England and became 2x platinum distinguished. The first single from the album Arms Around The World debuted at number 4 in the British charts and was Louise‘s most successful single to date. Just before Christmas that year, the disco-like Let’s Go Round Again, a song originally by The Average White Band. Although it only reached 10th place in the charts, was the song (with 600.000 copies) or Louise‘s best selling single.

In 1998 the singer graced the covers of many British magazines and was by readers of FHM magazine voted The Sexiest Woman In The World. Because of its success Louise then went on tour in England also. The ‘Louise‘ Soft and Gentle “No Sweat Tour” brought her along several major sold out concert halls in the country. Of Woman In Me 1 million units were sold in England. The album did even better than Before The Rain, the third album by Eternal which also appeared that year. During the tour appeared the 3rd single All That Matters. The choice of the Managament of Louise to this song as a single to bring everyone was not as good. Fans saw the tracks rather Shut Up & Kiss Me and The Woman in Me single hatch. In their eyes were the best songs on the album. All That Matters had improved in terms of sound Louise‘s first album proper. Perhaps that is the reason why the single was not higher than 11th place.

Elbow Beach

After all the success of Woman In Me was one years in 1999 when Louise spent most time outside the spotlight. At Elbow Beach in Bermuda she performed in the married life with a partner footballer Jamie Redknapp, where she was for several years along together. After the singer began her honeymoon with the real istie of a new album. There she fat one years on. In mid 2000 the CD was released entitled Elbow Beach, named after the location where Louise and Jamie were married. Louise was the album’s most personal work to date and had an R & B / Funky-like sound. The first single 2 Faced won the 3rd place in England and has now hit its highest ever. Despite the high expectations surrounding the new album, came in the charts no higher than 12th place. To the CD sales to deliver a better, the song was Beautiful Inside (a favorite of many fans) as a single. Unfortunately it was not helping. The song was not higher than # 13 and the album fell quickly when the album list. EMI Music began to worry. The disappointing success of Elbow Beach label could be costly. It looked like Louise much of its audience from the eye was lost.

Changing Faces

After this period, Louise‘s record deal of 5 albums (Always & Forever by Eternal counting) almost to an end. EMI Music wondered whether it was wise to Louise an entirely new album to record. The sale was Elbow Beach course was extremely disappointing and we did not know whether they agree with a whole new CD would save. The label suggested Louise for the choice compilation out, or they had an album to make in terms of sound and style far away would have Woman In Me, which is the most appreciated by the audience was. The singer did not last. That way she could not develop as artist. For that reason, eventually appeared the greatest hits album called Changing Faces – The Best Of Louise. The CD took 3 new songs on the singer, whose Stuck In The Middle was released as a single. It won the 4th place. The album reached # 9 and was distinguished by gold.

Because of the success surrounding Louise Changing Faces decided for the second time to do a tour of England. Instead of large halls with her aandeed previous tour, the singer wanted more time acting in what intimate rooms. The ‘Changing Faces’ Tour was a success. All dates were sold out in 36. After the singer left EMI Music, which therefore meant she was free to go where they wanted. Later it became clear that EMI thought Louise‘s strength as an artist was lost. In 2002 the singer signed a new record deal at Positive Records. In 2003, a new single with double A-side: Pandora’s Kiss / Don ‘t Give Up. It climbed to 5th place in the charts Brist. Louise was still a loyal audience in her homeland. Oddly Enough appeared no new album.


After it was announced that Louise was pregnant with her first child. In July 2004 she gave birth to a son, Charley, named after her grandfather died shortly before. Currently, the singer is busy with motherhood. In addition to the rumors that she is busy behind the scenes for the highly anticipated fourth album to complete. A release date has not yet been confirmed. But there are some new tracks on the internet recently surfaced. Whether these numbers will get the new album is not yet known. Although the singer years in England as a great name, is her career in the rest of the world never really got off the ground. In the Netherlands continued stabbing her in the singles Tipparade. EMI Music in 2000, had plans for Louise in America as an artist to launch. Beautiful Inside there would appear as the first single, but because of poor sales of the album, Elbow Beach, which is not continued.

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