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Maryse Ouellet Biography & Photos

Maryse Ouellet (January 21 1983 -), or simply Maryse is a famous model and professional Canadian fighter currently campaigning in the brand SmackDown! the World Wrestling Entertainment, in addition to coaching development in the territory of Florida Championship Wrestling.


Career as a model

Ouellet began his career as a model winning the Miss puting Tropic 2003 and finishing second in the finals of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2004. After appearing on numerous occasions in newspapers, magazines and television programs Canadians, became a famous model appeared on the covers and pages of Playboy Special Editions Vixens between June and July 2006. He was also a cover of Playboy calendar “The Girls of Canada 2007”. He also appeared in the special edition of Playboy called “Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads.”

World Wrestling Entertainment

Diva Search

In summer 2006, Maryse was presented to the Diva Search of the World Wrestling Entertainment. She shortened the final and was also among the 8 best but the July 24, in an episode of the RAW brand, was the second person to be eliminated from the contest. Despite their elimination, was invited to see the workout of training and development between 13 and Aug. 17 in the territory’s development WWE, the Ohio Valley Wrestling. Although she realized that this would not involve any guarantee for employment in the WWE, I was very grateful to have received the opportunity to fulfill his dream. WWE.com stated that: “I’m about to mourn, I can not express my feelings,” said Ouellet. “I’m very excited, these are very, very good news.”

Ohio Valley Wrestling / Florida Championship Wrestling

Maryse officially signed a contract with the development of the territory in the WWE on August 24, 2006 and was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling to train. His first job there he was sitting in the front row during the recording of the program, taking part in Bikini contest and appearing in segments in the backstage. After a while he became the manager of French-Canadian Rene Dupree in the house shows the mark. His debut was in the ring at a house show on December 16, 2006 in Greensburg, Kentucky, where he formed a team with Katie Lea, Kelly Kelly, She Nay Nay & Victoria Crawford to defeat ODB, Melina Rouck, Josie, and Beth Phoenix Melody. In March 2007, was for a time the interviewer in the backstage for the OVW TV and struggling in dark matches before the recordings of the OVW. In the spring of 2007, Maryse participated in the “Miss OVW 2007”, which won ODB. Later in the summer of that year participated in the “OVW Divalympics 2007”; during that time was the manager of Sylvain Grenier, both in OVW as in the house shows RAW / SmackDown! / ECW. When the Florida Championship Wrestling opened in the summer of 2007, Maryse was transferred there for training. After being only the manager of Sylvain Grenier for weeks, the idea of a new debut in SmackDown! rid.

On September 25, 2007, Maryse made her debut in FCW as the cleaning of Ryan O’Reiley with Lacey Von Erich. Ryan after he left the WWE on October 10, 2007, Maryse then began to participate in fighting standard in fighting in pairs.

SmackDown! (2007-2008)

In the edition of SmackDown! of the September 22, Ouellet began to be known simply Maryse, showing the titantron and welcoming the spectators in Montreal (in French) in the first week of SmackDown! in the new CW Network. In January 2007, Maryse returned to SmackDown! over cartoons of welcoming fans to the show in both French and English. Maryse made her first appearance on television with his entry in an edition of RAW on May 21, 2007, introducing the new video by Timbaland, “Trhow It on Me.” Since then, its segments of welcome disappeared in SmackDown! again.

In October 2007, Maryse participated in the WWE European Tour in the camp of SmackDown! where he formed a team with Michelle McCool in his defeat to Victoria & Katie Lea in a series of battles with a friend. In Unforgiven, lost a chance of winning the WWE Divas of the opposite Michelle McCool. He was defeated again by McCool in the Sept. 19 edition of SmackDown!, With the title game again.

In ECW had another chance against Michelle McCool, this fight is the winner.

In fight

* Movements and final signature
or French Kiss (Snap DDT)
or Chin Lock

* Managed by Maryse Fighters
or Sylvain Grenier
or Deuce ‘N Domino

* Main Theme
or “All Summer Long” – WWE Production Theme
or “Lizard Lounge” – WWE Production Theme
or “Oh Vui”

Other data

In April 2007, Maryse, with Ashley, Kelly Kelly, Brooke, Torrie Wilson and Layla The recorded the new music video for Timbaland “Throw It on Me” along with The Hives.

Appeared in the WWE Magazine Divas 2007 (Divas in Los Angeles) in the “Divas in Training” along with the Twin Garcia, Beth Phoenix and Melina Rouck.

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