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LeBlancMatthew Stevens (born July 25, 1967 in Newton, Massachusetts) is an American actor. His father has ancestors from France, Denmark, England and Ireland and his mother is Italo American.

LeBlanc was known mainly through the series Friends. In this he played for over ten years, the role of the handsome but not very intelligent Joey Tribbiani, the roommate of Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), who proposes as a penniless actor through life.

After the end of the series, the sitcom Joey, a spin off has been launched. It is considered more formal, because LeBlanc was continuing in it’s character from the series. Due to poor ratings, the series was canceled after two seasons with the leadership of NBC.

At the beginning of his career, LeBlanc was particularly successful with advertisements and commercials, for example, Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Doritos and Heinz ketchup. The Heinz ketchup commercial was awarded in 1987 in Cannes at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

In 1991 he was with Joseph Bologna the lead in the series Top of the Heap, a spinoff of the hit series Married with Children, in which he has already had three guest appearances. LeBlanc played Vinnie Verducci, who tried to get along with his father, Charlie, more or less legal ways to make money. He also served while a less intelligent role profile as later in the series Friends. Top of the heap, however, was discontinued after a short time, because the series could not build on the success of the terrible nice family.

Attempts to establish themselves in the cinema, were not yet successful. The best-known film is the remake of Lost in Space series Lost in Space, in which LeBlanc embodies the macho starship pilot Major West. The film was nominated for the Razzie Award in the category of Worst Remake or Sequel.

On 3 May 2003, he married his longtime girlfriend Melissa McKnight in Hawaii. With her he has a daughter and two step-children from his previous marriage. The marriage to Melissa McKnight, however, lasted only until 1 January 2006.


Emmy Award

* 2002 Nominated, “Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy Series” – “Friends”
* 2003 Nominated, “Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy Series” – “Friends”
* 2004 Nominated, “Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy Series” – “Friends”

Primetime Emmy Award

* 2002: Won, “Outstanding Comedy Series” – Friends (shared w / co-stars)

Golden Globe Award

* 2003 Nominated, Best Performance by An Actor in a Musical or Comedy “-” Friends ”
* 2004 Nominated, Best Performance by An Actor in a Musical or Comedy “-” Friends ”
* 2005 Nominated, Best Performance by An Actor in a Musical or Comedy “-” Friends ”

TV Guide Awards

* 2000, Won “Editor’s Choice” – “Friends”

Teen Choice Awards

* 2002, Won, “Choice TV Actor – Comedy” – “Friends”

People’s Choice Awards

* In 2005, Won, “Favorite Male Television Star” – “Friends”


* 1993: Red Shoe Diaries 3: Another Woman’s Lipstick by Zalman King and Ted Kotcheff -> Kyle
* 1993: Gray Knight George Hickenlooper -> Terhune
* 1994: Reform School Girl Jonathan Kaplan -> Vince
* 1996: Ed Bill Couture -> Jack “Deuce” Cooper
* 1997: Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up by Rafael Eisenman and TA Williams -> Jed
* 1998: Lost in Space (Lost in Space) by Stephen Hopkins -> Major Don West
* 1998: Lookin ‘Italian Guy Magar -> Anthony Manetti
* 2000: Charlie’s Angels (Charlie’s Angels) to McG -> Jason Gibbons
* 2002: The Queen’s Men (All the Queen’s Men) by Stefan Ruzowitzky -> Steven O’Rourke
* 2003: Charlie’s Angels: Angels Full Throttle (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle) to McG -> Jason Gibbons


* 1988 to 1989: TV 101 -> Chuck Bender
* 1989: Just the Ten of Dan and Steve Marshall Guntzelman Season 1, 2 and 3 -> Todd Murphy
* 1990: Married, two children 5 and Season 6 -> Vinnie Verducci
* 1991: Top of the Heap Ron Leavitt & Arthur Silver -> Vinnie Verduc
* 1992: Vinnie and Bobby -> Vinnie Verducci
* 1993: Promo 96 Bethany Rooney Season 1 -> Frank Goodman
* 1994 to 2004: Friends of David Crane and Marta Kauffman -> Joey Tribbiani
* 2004 to 2006: Joey Shana Goldberg-Meehan and Scott Silveri -> Joey Tribbiani

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