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Michael Joseph Jackson (* 29 August 1958 in Gary, Indiana; † June 25, 2009 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California) was an American singer, songwriter and entertainer. With an estimated 750 million recordings sold, he was one of the commercially most successful musicians in the history of pop music.



Michael Jackson came as the eighth of ten children of the crane Joseph Jackson (* 1929) and his wife, Katherine Jackson, the Seller (* 1930), in Gary (Indiana) to the world. The father took care of early childhood music for the promotion of the six boys and three girls. He drove them again and again to peak in various talent competitions at. Michael Jackson‘s siblings are:

* Rebbie Jackson (* 1950)
* Jackie Jackson (* 1951)
* Tito Jackson (* 1953)
* Jermaine Jackson (* 1954)
* Latoya Jackson (* 1956)
* Marlon Jackson (* 1957)
* Brandon Jackson (* / † 1957), Marlon twin brother died at birth
* Randy Jackson (* 1961)
* Janet Jackson (* 1966)
* Joh’Vonnie Jackson (* 1974), an illegitimate half-paternal

The band, The Jackson Five was established in 1965 by Father Joseph Jackson founded and consisted of brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson, the latter was the lead singer. Of the Jackson brothers were after the dissolution of the group The Jackson Five only Michael and his sister Janet Jackson permanently successful, could also temporarily Latoya Jackson and Jermaine Jackson chart successes. Tariano Adaryll Jackson II, Taryll Joe Jackson and Tito Jackson, Tito Jackson‘s sons, Michael Jackson‘s nephews, were as a band 3T briefly successful.

Michael Jackson was from 1994 until December 1995, with Lisa Marie Presley, and from 1996 to 1999 with Deborah Jeanne Rowe married. From the marriage with Rowe went with Prince Michael Jackson Jr. (* 1997) and daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, Patricia (* 1998) shows two children. His third child, Prince Michael Jackson II, known as Blanket, came 2002 on the world. Who is his mother, is still not known. Jackson had the sole custody of all three children.

Health and Operations

Toward the end of the 1970s or early 1980s Michael Jackson underwent the first cosmetic surgery, which was followed by other operations, especially on the nose. Jackson himself said in 1993 in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, two interventions on the nose and chin surgery to have undergone. Jackson said that for medical reasons he was forced, additional interventions at the head to have them. In case of an accident with fireworks effects at the turning of a Pepsi commercials, he had severe burns suffered in the head .

Among the assumptions in the media, he had to lighten the skin, said Jackson in a TV interview broadcast worldwide , the change of his skin color was the skin disease vitiligo due.

Social Activities

Jackson has considerable resources in charitable purposes invested. Among others, he founded the Foundation “Heal The World”. For his varied involvement in the social sector in 2002 he was awarded the Bambi for his life’s work. The proceeds from his “Dangerous” world tour after he donated to its own data completely charitable purposes. Because of these activities and its commitment to children and young Jackson was twice (1992 and 2003) for the Nobel Peace Prize is proposed.

“Heal The World” was published in 2002 as a foundation (headquartered in California was) removed, since they have no tax returns and proof of charitable activity delivers more .

In October and November 2005, Jackson, according to its own statement, with many renowned artists in London and Los Angeles at a charity single for victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but was never published.


On 25 June 2009 clock 14:26 PDT (23:26 EDT clock) Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 years in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The cause of death is still unknown, but a heart attack, possibly due to drug influence, considered likely. Until a definitive toxicological advice is available, there may be several weeks.

Solo career

The 1970s

After world successes with the Jackson Five Michael Jackson started in 1971 with the age of 13 years of his solo career with the first single Got To Be There / Maria , the space 4 of the American and British position 5 of the charts reaching. Jackson‘s musical style was more classic R & B. The second single, a remake of Bobby Day Rockin ‘Robin, 1972 Jackson reached No. 2 in the U.S. charts. 1971/1972 was followed by the first solo album, Got To Be There, the number 3 on the U.S. charts reached.

Also published in the Jackson Five until 1978, more regular albums and singles and went with Michael Jackson on tour. The young Jackson was increasingly used by the press. He was now full of the star of the group and an acclaimed solo artists.

The single Ben / You Can Cry On My Shoulder was Jackson‘s first number-1-hit as a solo artists. In 1972 the song with the Golden Globe Award for best movie song award, 1973, he received an Oscar nomination. The second solo album, Ben 1972/73 was very successful. The third solo album Music & Me was published in 1973, the fourth Forever, Michael 1975th Both sold more moderate.

1976 separated the Jackson Five and Michael finally Motown Records, the songs argued, however, did not allow his own compositions. A year-long dispute began. Finally, they switched to Epic (CBS) Records (now Sony).

Michael Jackson was concentrated in the second half of the 1970s to the Jackson Five. As one of the highlights he described later a gig in 1977 in Glasgow on the occasion of the 25-year Kronjubiläums Elizabeth II, the Jackson personally met.

1977 Jackson appeared for the first time at the cinema screen. In The Wiz – The magical land, a musical version of the Wizard of Oz, Jackson has played alongside Diana Ross and other African-American artists exclusively the role of the scarecrow.

During the filming of The Wiz Jackson learned the producer Quincy Jones know. With it he produced his fifth solo album Off the Wall, released in 1979 and was very successful. In addition to the usual R & B songs first appeared in the disco-style, like the first single release Do not Stop ‘Til You Get Enough. Jackson‘s voice was as high as never before.

Off the Wall in 1979 with two number-1-Hits Do not Stop ‘Til You Get Enough and Rock With You and two other Top Ten hits in the USA, She’s Out Of My Life and Off the Wall, a phenomenal success. In total, Off the Wall to the world today about 20 million units sold.

The 1980s
The star of Michael Jackson on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

On 1 December 1982 appeared again from the Quincy Jones produced Thriller album, now with 108 million sound recordings, the best-selling album in the world. 1983 led it for many months almost all the charts. Jackson was with this extraordinary success to the absolute world and media star. A total of seven singles from the album ausgekoppelt: The Girl Is Mine, Billie Jean, Beat It, Want to Be Startin ‘Somethin’, Human Nature, PYT (Pretty Young Thing), and thrillers. All made it into the Top 10 U.S. chart three singles to square 1 The singles were accompanied elaborate video productions. The 18-minute music video for the song Thriller, directed by John Landis, has been successful worldwide. In the album Thriller Michael Jackson away significantly from Rhythm & Blues and turned to pop music.

Jackson‘s trademark was a white glitter glove, the grip in the step, white socks, his black hat and called the Moonwalk, a dance based on the mime of Jean-Louis Barrault and Marcel Marceau is based. This dance Michael Jackson first presented on 25 March 1983 at a performance of Billie Jean as part of celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the record company Motown (Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever).

Beginning of 1984 Michael Jackson was nominated for a record of twelve Grammy Awards and won eight of them for Thriller. In May 1984, Jackson of President Ronald Reagan in the White House received. From August to December 1984 Jackson undertook another tour with his brothers, the Victory tour in the USA.
Michael Jackson (1988)

In 1985 USA for Africa was the only Jackson‘s musical project. The song We Are The World was organized with the support of Lionel Richie, within two hours, and with many other stars included, among others, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen.

In the same year Michael Jackson bought for 47.5 million U.S. Dollar, the rights of all the songs of the Beatles, which could lead to abrupt end of the friendship between Jackson and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney led.

1986 Jackson began working with the Disney Corporation. Under the direction of Francis Ford Coppola was the 18 minute 3D film Captain EO, the only Disney parks was performed. For the first time were the songs Another Part Of Me and We Are Here To Change The World to hear.

On 31 August 1987 saw the appearance of the album Bad. Immediately after its publication, it became a bestseller and was used in 25 countries, the number 1 in the charts. The video for the song takes bath in its original length of about 18 minutes, in a supporting role of the young appears to Wesley Snipes, directed by Martin Scorsese. Caused a furore and the clip to Smooth Criminal. Bath included five American number-1-hits: I Just Can not Stop Loving You, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror, and Dirty Diana. Overall, until the middle of 1989 nine singles ausgekoppelt. With over 29 million copies sold, was the bathroom some time zweitbestverkaufte album in the world.

Barely two weeks after the release of the Bad album, the 29-year-old Michael Jackson on the first solo world tour. The premiere of the Bad World Tour was on 12 September 1987 in Tokyo. The Wembley Stadium in London was during the tour sold out seven times, each with 72,000 spectators. In January 1989, the Bath-world tour after more than 120 concerts on four continents in Los Angeles to an end.

In the autumn of 1988 appeared Ghostwritern written by Michael Jackson Moonwalk biography, which was a bestseller. Liz Taylor coined Jackson‘s famous nickname, as it in a eulogy at the Soul Train Music Awards 1989 as the true “King of Pop, Rock and Soul” designated. In February 1989 Jackson won a Grammy for the music video Smooth Criminal. The American President George Bush signed Michael Jackson in 1990 in Washington as the “entertainer of the decade” and received him at the White House.

The 1990s

For his next album separated from his Michael Jackson producer Quincy Jones, it started the long-standing collaboration with the then little-known Teddy Riley. Epic Records Group was approved by the giant Sony bought up, now were produced by Jackson‘s Sony Music displaced. At the same time, Jackson closed with Sony is up today unmatched 900-million-dollar contract for albums, films and performances for a 15-year period.

In 1989 the recordings for the album Dangerous. The first single Black or White Jackson was seven weeks at number 1 of the U.S. charts, and worldwide, the song in the charts A. Furthermore sparked Black or White with five million U.S. dollars production as Madonna’s Express Yourself video clip from the most expensive at that time. In the new video, Jackson also had other prominent guest appearances: Macaulay Culkin, and Tyra Banks in Black or White, Iman, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson in Remember the Time, in Naomi Campbell In The Closet, Michael Jordan in Jam guitarist Slash and in Give In To Me

Even the album Dangerous, released in November 1991, sold very well. Within weeks the album sold ten million times, 1992, it became the best selling album of the year and as previously schnellstverkaufte excellent record. In Dangerous was the first song in the style of New Jack Swings to a mixture of R & B and hip-hop. Known single release in this style were and Remember The Time In The Closet. Dangerous too, was a costly concert tour advertised. Start the Dangerous World Tour was on 27 June 1992 in Munich; 72,000 spectators came to the Olympic Stadium. The European final concert, on 1 October 1992 in Bucharest, has been published in 61 countries on TV and radio.

At Christmas 1992 the world’s single Heal the World. In the U.S. it reached only 27th place Heal The World was also the name of Michael Jackson‘s Foundation with the aim of needy children to support.

The mid-1990s, Jackson‘s public appearances in the increasingly bizarre. In February 1993, Jackson, Oprah Winfrey Widely a television interview in which he first announced on the skin disease vitiligo suffer, resulting in a significant brightening declare his skin.

This was followed by appearances in the Super Bowl and the American Music Awards. At the Grammy Awards, he was as a “Living Legend” (Living Legend Award) awards. In Monte Carlo, he won several World Music Awards. The Dangerous promotion was launched in spring 1993 with another single release – Give In To Me – continued. The accompanying clip was already in 1992 in Munich, a few days before the tour a world premiere, has been finished. Give In To Me reached the Top-10 in several countries, including Germany and England, but was not quite the success of Dirty Diana in 1988 approached. In the U.S., Give In To Me as a single will not be published, but instead the song Who Is It, the space 14 in the U.S. Billboard charts reached.

In August 1993, almost coinciding with the advent of the first allegations of child abuse against Jackson, was in Asia, the Dangerous world tour continues. Jackson, however, was heavily struck and severely drug-addicted. Its always worse physical and mental capacity has been greatly shortened the show. The Jacksons dance deposits were significantly softer. After the Mexico-concert, 11 November 1993 the tour was prematurely terminated because of out of control “Sexskandals” and Michael Jackson‘s dependence on painkillers. Anyway were already numerous concerts postponed and canceled.

Early tour demolition was the main sponsor Pepsi, in all its sponsored tours since 1984, on the occasion, the contract with Jackson and immediately dissolve any further cooperation to end. Presumably you have long waited for an occasion, the artist, given the scandal of unprecedented proportions was to get rid of. Rumors that Jackson was suffering at this time, in addition to its dependence on painkillers, among Exsikkose ( “dehydration”). Pepsi rival Coca-Cola switched while gloating ads with the slogan: “Dehydrated? There’s always Coke. ”

In the autumn of 1993, Will You Be There as a single, reaching No. 7 in the U.S. after many months the top 10 of the Billboard charts. The song also went around the world quite well, despite the disastrous press for Jackson. The last single from Dangerous at the end of 1993 came on the market, two years after the publication of the album. Gone Too Soon floppte in the U.S. and in Europe also ran very moderate. The cover of the single shows a blurred photograph, Michael Jackson and AIDS victim Ryan White, a little boy, which is due to the current allegations of child abuse rather than abuse was evident. Also, the accompanying video clip consists exclusively of video and image material with Ryan White, in some sequences, together with Michael Jackson.

Ultimately Dangerous sold worldwide to date approximately 30 million units.

In May 1994, Jackson married Lisa Marie surprisingly, the daughter of Elvis Presley. At the MTV Awards in September 1994, he joined with his wife on stage. There, the couple kissed for the first time in public. The intention to allow his image aufzupolieren, however, was not to be denied a PR marriage can hardly be denied, even if the couple is in a big interview in June 1995 when Diane Sawyer had great trouble, such presumptions ostensibly oppose. The marriage lasted less than one and a half years and remained childless.

In June 1995, appeared the double album HIStory – Past, Present and Future Book I. Schnell after its publication it reached the world 1, to which it is held for a while. It contains 15 digitally remastered “Greatest Hits” and 14 new songs, including the singles Scream, You Are Not Alone, Earth Song, They Do not Care About Us, Stranger In Moscow and HIStory. Never before has a music album such as this lavishly advertised. Under a 40 million U.S. dollars expensive advertising campaign has been in many big cities like London, Paris or Berlin nine-meter-high Michael Jackson statues up, Jackson was more and more allegations of reality in revenue loss and megalomania. HIStory The advertising campaign was also an expensive “teaser” begun, the Jackson under enormous effort in the summer of 1994 in Budapest turned into an over 30-meter statue of Jackson is unveiled.

The first single, Scream, he turned with seven million U.S. dollars to the cost of production up to now the most expensive video clip and replacing its own previous record from Black Or White. For the first time functioned as a sister, Janet Jackson duet partner. Total filled Scream, after a remarkable first direct entry at position 5 in the U.S. charts, the lofty expectations on the charts not yet reached Platz 1 in several European countries. The second single, You Are Not Alone, went directly to number 1 in the U.S. charts, which it never had. She was also the last number-1-hit Jackson in the USA. The third single, Earth Song, Jackson reached the end of 1995 for the first time in his career Platz 1 German single charts. This he held for six weeks. Previously appeared in Jackson Wetten, dass. on what the program the highest ratings in the 1990 revenue.

The fourth single was They Do not Care About Us. Already in release of HIStory controversy broke out, initiated by Jewish organizations that are on the line used the song “jew me” and “kike me” indignant. Was accompanied They Do not Care About Us immediately of two different clips, the standard “Brazil” and the rare broadcast “prison” version. The latter included numerous violent scenes at the time of current events. They Do not Care About Us was for several weeks at number 1 in Germany, reached in the United States but only number 30

In autumn 1996, the title Stranger In Moscow ausgekoppelt. As before, when Earth Song was, however, another bow to the USA and the first single there will not be published. The autobiographical midtempo ballad was not on the successes of the previous singles left off, even if critics and fans that song as one of his best pieces designated. Only in mid-1997 it was decided to continue, Stranger In Moscow still be published in the U.S., where the single place but with 91 in the charts floppte and thus there any advertising by both as well as from HIStory Blood On The Dance Floor – HIStory In The Mix final was canceled. How Dangerous is already noticeable, Jackson had big problems in the U.S. to his successes in the 1980’s.

The HIStory World Tour 1996/97 was an elaborately produced show. Launch was on 7 September 1996 in Prague. 150,000 fans came to the concert, which was the largest so Jackson. By January 1997, Jackson in Hungary, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, India, South Korea and Japan. Very negative almost fell through the use of playback on PSP. Even ballads like You Are Not Alone or Heal The World was mainly used playback. The first time in nine years was Michael Jackson back in the U.S., in Hawaii to see.

1996 Jackson married nurse Debbie Rowe in Sydney – by Lisa Marie Presley was divorced Jackson in 1996 – and was shortly thereafter for the first time father. In February 1997, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., known as “Prince Michael” to the world.

In May 1997, Blood on the Dance Floor – HIStory in the Mix, a remix album with remixes of several new songs from HIStory, and five previously unknown songs, including the successful single-Blood On The Dance Floor. The album sold about four million times and is the hitherto most successful remix album.

On 31 May 1997 returned the HIStory world tour with a concert in Bremen’s Weser Stadium back to Europe. It in turn was followed by many concerts in the biggest stadiums. More than half a million fans come to ten Germany alone concerts. Meanwhile, the one millionth ticket for a Jackson concert at Wembley Stadium in London sold. On 15 October 1997 in Johannesburg was the HIStory world tour to an end. Although the critics hardly a good artist and hair on his show would not have joined this tour with Jackson at a total of 82 concerts in front of 4.5 million viewers. HIStory sold worldwide total of 18 million times.

In the next four years, Jackson became more sporadic in the public. In October 1998, his daughter, Paris Michael Katherine to the world.

In March 1999 he performed again at Wetten, dass. But this time not to sing, but to discuss the upcoming charity concert to speak. On 27 Jackson joined in June 1999, among many other artists, under the “Michael Jackson & Friends” concert at 5 Time (after 1988, 1992 and twice 1997) in the Munich Olympic stadium, and gave Germany so his last concert.

In the autumn of 1999 could be Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe distinguished. The custody of the two children received – after an extrajudicial agreement of the parents – Michael Jackson.

2000 to 2009

On 7 and 10 September 2001 Michael Jackson appeared in two concerts in Madison Square Garden in New York to its 30-year-old stage to celebrate the anniversary. These were Britney Spears, * NSYNC, Whitney Houston, Usher, Gloria Estefan, Destiny’s Child as well as for the first time in 17 years, all six Jackson brothers on.

On 29 October 2001 Michael Jackson appeared last, since 1998, already announced, studio album Invincible. The first single You Rock My World sold 1.5 million times worldwide and ranked in the top 10 in many countries. On 21 September it was associated, directed by Paul Hunter emerged Musikvideo published. Guest appearances on the approximately 13-minute video had Chris Tucker, Michael Madsen, Billy Drago, Frank Tyson and Marlon Brando. The music video was done with a NAACP Image Award as “Best Music Video 2001” excellent.

Shortly before the release of Invincible appeared new, expanded and remastered editions of Jackson‘s previous albums Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad and Dangerous. They contained (apart from Dangerous) bonus material such as demos, unreleased titles, including

Invincible contains quite a lot of ballads. On 3 Appeared in December 2001 Cry, the second and final single from Invincible, no press release and participation in the Jackson music video. As a bonus recording is on the Maxi-CD of the unreleased song Shout, originally produced for Invincible was at the last moment, however, against You Are My Life has been replaced.

The third international single was initially planned Unbreakable. Michael Jackson wanted this song as a first single release, but ran You Rock My World, in response to the fact that this song as a pirate copy in circulation was first on the radio. Sony disclaims any further marketing of the album from. Thus, only two commercial singles ausgekoppelt. A publication of the singles, the U.S. had not. A total of at least 7.5 million copies of the album sold worldwide. In economic terms, this was a flop, because the production costs alone were 10 to 30 million U.S. Dollar.

Although Invincible, like almost all previous Jackson albums, slating by the critics, it was No. 1 in over 25 countries – including Germany, Britain and the USA. The album was recorded around the world with platinum. However, Jackson fell with his record company Sony Music because of inconsistencies in the marketing and advertising in the conflict. Sony introduced in the spring of 2002 any further marketing.

In January 2002, Jackson won a World Music Award as “Artist of the Millennium”, an American Music Award as “Artist of the Century” and was now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been added. Thus, it is part of four Hollywood stars with the Jackson Five, The Jacksons, as a solo artist and as a songwriter.

In November 2002, Michael Jackson with his children to Berlin for the Bambi Awards in order for his life’s work (greatest living pop icon) to be excellent. During the stay in Berlin Jackson and his children, there was an incident in which Jackson recklessly his third child (Prince Michael II, “Blanket”, birth mother unknown) on the balcony of his hotel room for a few seconds to show the fans thought.

On 17 November 2003 saw the publication of the Greatest Hits Number Ones compilation, with a new song – One More Chance. After You Are Not Alone, the worldwide hit of 1995, and Cry of 2001 this song was the third collaboration with R. Kelly Jackson.

On 22 November 2004, another Greatest Hits compilation: The Ultimate Collection, a box set with several tracks of the years 1969-2004, plus outtakes, demos and some new songs (including We’ve Had Enough) on 4 CDs, and a DVD, the two hour concert of Dangerous Tour 1992, in Bucharest.

Since June 2005, Jackson no longer lived on his estate, the Neverland Ranch. It was known that he is instead in Bahrain and Ireland (2006) and Las Vegas (December 2006) stayed. Since April 2006 Michael Jackson was briefly under contract 2Seas Records label, the son of the King of Bahrain belongs.

On 27 May 2006 he was awarded with the “MTV Video Music Awards in Tokyo, a Legend Award. It was his first public appearance since the acquittal on 13 June 2005. On 15 November 2006, he was at the World Music Awards in London Diamond Award for over 100 million albums sold worldwide. His albums had a 200-million mark, however, has already exceeded. On 30 December 2006 various artists tribute to the late “Godfather of Soul” James Brown, among them Michael Jackson.

On 8 February 2008 appeared on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the success of the album Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition of the album. After the Special Edition from 2001, this is already the second major new edition of the album. To this effect stars like Kanye West (Remix of Billie Jean), will.i.am (from The Girl processing Is Mine and PYT), Akon (new version of Want to Be Startin ‘Somethin’) and Fergie (Beat It) with. The The Girl Is Mine-remix by will.i.am was on 25 January 2008 as a single publication. This however does not apply to the U.S. – there was Want to Be Startin ‘Somethin’ 2008 is already on 23 January as single released, but only so far as the radio promo.

Other Jackson albums, from the special versions apart in 2001, Jubilee has been spending so far, however, not given. To celebrate, for example, 2007 “Bad”, the 20th and “HIStory” in 2005 the 10th Anniversary, it appeared, however, no special requirements of these albums.

On 5 March 2009 Michael Jackson has announced a press conference in his comeback with the Concert Series This Is It in the London O ₂-Arena. After initially only announced 10 concerts were raised during the ticket sales due to huge demand for large gradually added 40 more dates. In record time, sold-out concert series should be under 50 shows, 13 July 2009 until 6 March 2010 cover.

Accusations of child abuse

First indictment 1993-1994

1993 Michael Jackson had with the first allegation of sexual abuse of minors addressed. Evan Chandler, the father of a child who temporarily on his Neverland Ranch had lived, was raised allegations that Michael Jackson had his son Jordan Chandler sexually abused. The forecast of the 1994 criminal trial from Jackson spent by the potential victims of sexual harassment – the then 14-year-old Jordan Chandler – extrajudicially severance pay amounting to 20 million U.S. dollars paid for this and the prosecutor as the main witness is no longer available . The parents of the boys each received 1.5 million U.S. Dollar, the lawyer Larry Feldman three million U.S. Dollar. The public prosecutor had initiated its investigation, since, despite intensive investigations (including a medical examination in Jackson) and investigations, except the statement of the boys no incriminating evidence or additional witnesses could be identified – even though the prosecutor even a trip to Australia compete for more witnesses to find. The aim was, inter alia, an interview with Brett Barnes, another of Jackson‘s minor context of the abuse allegations but not confirmed. Without a criminal complaint of the victim was an indictment against a suspect of child abuse in California is not possible.

In the course of the process from 2005 noted attorney Thomas Mesereau stated that he then paid to Jackson Chandler watch as an error and Jackson already had better advice would have been to court to fight the allegations and to clear the road.

Second trial in 2003 and process 2004/2005

In 1999, the California Code of Criminal Procedure amended so that in child abuse proceedings without help identify the victim and accused can be. On 19 November 2003 it was announced that the prosecutor in Santa Barbara County, Tom Sneddon, again on suspicion of multiple child abuse warrant against the pop star was obtained. A day earlier, the Neverland property of 70 investigators with the police. On 20 November 2003, to Michael Jackson to the authorities and dismissed all allegations. After Jackson running cameras in handcuffs, the issue was still on the same day a deposit of three million U.S. Dollar released. The reason was the high bail amount that Jackson is no ordinary defendant.

Sneddon had already in proceedings in 1993 against Jackson determined. He was said to a personal campaign of revenge against the artists to perform. Supposedly Sneddon is the Jackson song D.S. dedicated to HIStory. “DS” stands while loud Lyrics in the album booklet for “Dom Sheldon”, and the line “Dom Sheldon is a cold man” in the song is repeated, on its similarity to “Tom Sneddon” but pointed to release of the album a lot Reviewers out.

The first Voranhörung against Jackson in the process took place on 16 January 2004. The trial, by a media contingent from all over the world accompanied began in early 2005. At the first appointment was Jackson Judge Rodney Melville of a rebuke, twenty minutes because he had appeared too late. Jackson said that as expected, for “not guilty”. The selection of jury members started on 31 January 2005 in Santa Maria. The 12-member jury consisted of eight women and four men aged 20 to 79 years.

According to media reports, Michael Jackson has suffered on the 15th February 2005 on its way into the courtroom and a weaker fit was integrated into the emergency room of a hospital received. After several bizarre appearances – among other things, Jackson appeared in a pair of pajamas to a hearing and requested an adjournment because he Spinnenbiss in the big toe suffered – was sent to Jackson‘s sanity in doubt.

On 30 April 2005, Michael Jackson was formally charged in ten points. His attorney Thomas Mesereau called the “not guilty”. On 13 Jackson was in June 2005 in all ten charges unanimously acquitted.

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