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Misfits is the name of an American punk band. It is considered the founder of the horror punk, the issues related, for example, from horror movies. The band had a strong influence on American punk rock (NOFX, Pennywise, AFI, etc.) and also in the metal scene (Metallica, Megadeth and others). The name comes from a film of the same with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable (German title: “Misfits -) Not socially acceptable”.

Band History to 1984

After Glenn Danzig with some other bands from Lodi (New Jersey) took over the vocals, he founded in March 1977 The Misfits. First bassist was Diane DiPiazza, after a short time but became Jerry Only (middle Gerald Caiafa) on bass. Drummer was Manny Martínez. In the first samples also were played and which are still unpublished, among other Harpies in the Night and West End Avenue. In 1977 she recorded the first single, Cough / Cool, which was released on her own label, Blank Records, and had first appearances. After a short time Franche Coma (was bourgeois Frank Li Cata) was added as a guitarist in the band.


After a few more gigs as a percussionist Manny was replaced by Mr. Jim (Jim bourgeois Catania). In January 1978 they began recording their first LP, Static Age, however, remained unpublished until 1997, instead, the band released the EP Bullet, which appeared on Danzig label Plan 9 Records (for Plan 9 from Outer Space). During a tour in October 1978 Franche Coma left the band, was recruited as a temporary help for a short time, the guitarist of the Victims in November and finally permanently replaced by Bobby Steele. At the end of this tour was also Joey Image (bourgeois Joey Poole) was added as a new drummer.

In January 1979, the Misfits began to absorb some new songs, which were published on the Horror Business EP, on its cover even the current logo of the band, you can see the Crimson Ghost. Three of the eight recorded songs were released in June on the EP Night of the Living Dead, and sold after a show on Halloween. At this concert was also the Fiend Club, founded her fan club, through which one could acquire merchandise and recordings. A month later, started a tour in England, which, however, was canceled after a few days because the band were unhappy with the salary and the instruments. Since her return flight was scheduled for December until Jerry went to Sid Vicious’ mother, and Danzig and Steele landed for a short time in prison, where he wrote Gdansk London Dungeon. In December, they managed to fly back then, with money from Jerry’s father, left the group due to image this tour.

Beginning of the year 1980, the new EP Beware with a title that Last Caress was published. After a four month break without a drummer they made in April, Arthur Googy one and three months later, they played one last show with Steele, who was replaced by Jerry Onlys brother Paul Doyle Caiafa. From Sessions 12 tracks went out for a new album, which are on the unreleased album 12 Hits From Hell (see 2001). Bobby Steele was still on for this material because Doyle played only on Halloween 1980 his first show with the Misfits.
Live (2008)
Walk Among Us

The new album will be out by April 1981, but instead they just brought out an EP entitled Three Hits from Hell. In July, the Misfits took on some pieces for her first album, officially released his new single and Danzig Who Killed Marilyn? “On which he played all the instruments himself. Two months later, they came after a break of a year in clubs and made photographs for the new album, but this appeared not to some extent. In the summer should see the new LP, called Walk Among Us, Plan 9 Records, but the members signed a contract for only one LP with Slash Records, which is why most of the songs re-recorded the track list and had to be revised. After a few gigs and radio appearances, they sold their single Halloween 31 October before a show and in November was recorded at a concert for the EP We Are 138 Evilive. Although there were a whole host of the concert, was selected only this song. Late November and early December, gave a few interviews and the Misfits took on another title for the live EP Evilive.

In January 1982 Glenn flew to Los Angeles to publish there, the LP Walk Among Us. Over the next three months, they played a few concerts, Slash Records also wanted a gig with the Flesh Eaters organize to promote the album, but it did not. With a show on the 10th April 1982 there were violent clashes between the band and the audience, then took them on a few more songs for Evlive. The plan, the EP Earth A.D. record, it was initially rejected in May and they played some shows with substitute drummers until they were rehearsing with Eerie from and decided to include it, but this declined because he wanted to stay with his current band. Some arrived they were playing gigs with the drummer for the Necros, and Robo, drummer for Black Flag, the U.S. was and Henry Rollins was informed that the Misfits were looking for a drummer. Since all the members had finished school she started in September and began a new tour after they had played the recordings to Earth aD
Earth A.D.

In March 1983 they received after they had played the video Braineaters, it was also the beginning of a video shot with Skulls, but never completed. That same month, Gdansk hinted in interviews that he wanted to form a new band for which he had already written songs and announced at a Henry Rollins show that he would leave the band for Samhain. The original idea for Earth A.D. published as EP they dropped and decided to some of the songs they played live and two songs (Death Comes ripping and Bloodfeast), had the record written for Samhain to Danzig. The album was released in December 1983 under the name Earth aD / Wolfs Blood (Europe: Wolfs Blood / Earth A.D.).

Samhain was rehearsing again in September with an alternate cast and the Misfits wanted to work again with Googy together, but which demanded too high a salary, so they opted for Brian Damage. Since the long tour was over and appear to be two albums there, thought Jerry and Doyle for a tour in Germany, they could for this but only once with Brian Damage rehearse. Two days before Halloween, the Misfits played their last gig, however, Damageplan was drunk, so she had to attend the show with the Necros drummer Todd Swalla.

Samhain was officially founded in 1984 and the EP Die Die My Darling was released, 1985 “Legacy Of Brutality” and 1986 Collection I. In the same year was with Danzig Eerie from Walk Among Us new import and publish it on Plan 9 Records, they closed the work but never off, parts of the recordings can be heard on Collection II.

In August 1987 founded Doyle, Only a Christian metal band called Kryst The Conqueror, the band already rehearsed with the later Misfits drummer Dr. Chud. They never played live, and initially released no recordings, because they had no singer. Their only EP, Deliver Us From Evil, was released in 1992 with Jeff Scott Soto on vocals. Some songs of the band were later transcribed and used for the new Misfits.

Met in 1994, Jerry Only, Doyle, Robo, Franche Coma and Glenn Danzig in court and in August of that year confirmed Jerry Only for the first time that the band would play together again, Danzig, and would not be there but they are looking for a singer so . On Dez Cadena played birthday in June, Jerry Doyle and Dr. Chud Misfits songs again with the Sardonica singers and rehearsed little later with her future roadie, Jonathan Grimm. New Year’s Day 1995 was clear that the band may occur again under the name Misfits. In March 1995 they rehearsed for the first time with Michale Graves, who until then the Misfits did not know why he bought as soon as possible, Collection I to learn the songs. Three months later, asked Jerry for more singers, but most refused. On 27 October 1995 played the Misfits for the first time in its subsequent occupation: Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Dr. Chud and Michale Graves, a concert, also knew of the only members of the Fiend Club. Four days later they played during a Type O Negative show for the first time again before the normal audience. End of the year they took the Kryst The Conqueror song Dr. Phibes Rises Again on new with Graves.
American Psycho

They started in early 1996 a European tour which will also feature old Misfits members came on stage and in May they took on 13 new songs, their first new studio material in 13 years. At a show in August, Graves attacked one of the technicians who had so few days in jail and could not be present at the next two shows, so Jerry Only, and people were singing from the audience at these shows. End of August, ending their “Resurrection” tour, in April next year, she again began recording the album American Psycho and signed a contract with Geffen Records. The new album was released a month later and they began recording the music videos for Dig Up Her Bones, and American Psycho. Were present for the tour in June, again at the old members of the band, they played as an opening act by Megadeth. At a gig in October, they played with Joey and Marky Ramone Ramones cover songs and some at the end of this year went with Jerry Only ramainz on tour.
Famous Monsters
Jerry Only and ROBO, 2001

After a few shows in 1998 Michale Graves informed the band that he does not tour in South America could sing, so they hired to Myke Hideous for this tour, as Graves said, however, that the band was rehearsing with Hideous, he chose the band to leave. After the tour, Graves joined the band in anyway again. Evilive II, a live album, which was sold only to members of the Fiend Club was released in August to bridge the waiting time for new material. The new album, Famous Monsters, appeared a year later, to find the original so far last studio recordings. Early next year, Chud and Graves gave up her side, as is known in the Misfits Only site that the Misfits were separated, although they toured together again some months later, Chud and Graves left the band at the end of the year but . The rest of the tour singing Jerry Only and Zoli (Ignite), which is often joined on drums. In April 2001, the band tour the M25 started in the Doyle due to disagreements with Only was no longer present. In a later interview conducted Doyle cited the reason that lacked the numerous member changes in the volume of the necessary cohesion and identification. In an interview with the magazine, he said Kin Kats 2009: “There was no band structure and a vocalist. And there is still no singer or new material. That was not what I wanted. I wanted a new band with own material, not a cover band. But someone saw it differently. ”
M25 and 30th Anniverscary (from 2001)
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein

The line-up of the “M25” tour, so the tour for the 25th anniversary of the Misfits, consisted of Jerry Only, who took the now next to the bass and the vocals, Dez Cadena of Black Flag on guitar and Marky Ramone of the Ramones on drums. With this lineup in 2003 released album project was recorded in 1950, can be heard on the cover versions of some hits from the years 1950 to 1960 to. In 2005, occupation of the drum-changed again and the former drummer returned, Robo.
Jerry Only (2008)

Both Danzig and Doyle are now saying negative about the Misfits in their present form. Thus Danzig criticized the fact that Jerry Only is today, as the last remaining member of the original cast, with the name of the Misfits on the move: “That’s pathetic. He just lives only by the name. Are there any people who find it good for? Jerry needs to use the name Misfits to do anything. ” Doyle also believes,” These are not the Misfits. “The relationship with his brother, known today as the deranged. They had no contact, and Jerry did not speak with him .

On 27 October 2009 was published in the Single Land Of The Dead, which represents the first material of the band’s own studio since 1999.

The style of the original Misfits was poorly produced due to lack of time and financial resources and was strongly oriented to the number of hardcore punk bands like the Dead Kennedys or Black Flag. It is striking at the old songs and particularly Glenn Danzig’s strong vocals, which is often compared to Elvis Presley or Jim Morrison. The texts were often influenced by horror films of the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike other punk bands are most of the pieces that the Danzig-era, and the Graves-era melody is often very similar to the now often referred to as an oldies pop songs of the ’50s and ’60s ajar. The sound since reunification in 1995, is often due to the tinny “and acting associate harder sound of the guitar, however, much more to the metal.
Chart positions

Explanation of data
American Psycho
U.S. 117 xx.xx.1997 (… wk)
Famous Monsters
DE 97 15.10.1999 (1 wk)
U.S. 138 xx.xx.1999 (… wk)
Project 1950
U.S. 133 xx.xx.2003 (… wk)
Studio albums

* 1978 – Static Age (unpublished)
* 1982 – Walk Among Us
* 1983 – Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood
* 1983 – Wolfs Blood / Earth A.D. (published in Europe)
* 1984 – Earth A.D.
* 1997 – Static Age

Live albums and EPs

* 1982 – Evilive (EP)
* 1983 – Evilive (EP, released in Europe)
* 1987 – Evilive (album)

Studio EPs

* 1978 – Bullet
* 1979 – Who Killed Marilyn? (unpublished)
* 1979 – Horror Business
* 1979 – Night of the Living Dead
* 1981 – Three Hits From Hell
* 1984 – Die, Die My Darling


* 1977 – Cough / Cool
* 1978 – Teenagers From Mars (unreleased)
* 1981 – Who Killed Marilyn? (Glenn Danzig)
* 1981 – Halloween


* 1980 – Beware
* 1985 – Legacy Of Brutality
* 1986 – Collection I Misfits or
* 1995 – Collection II
* 1996 – The Misfits Box Set


Studio albums

* 1997 – American Psycho
* 1999 – Famous Monsters
* 2003 – Project 1950

Live albums

* 1998 – Evilive II (it was only through the Fiend Club available)


* 1997 – Dig up her bones
* 1998 – I Want to Be A NY Ranger (with John Cafiero)
* 1999 – Scream!
* 1999 – Monster Mash
* 2003 – The Day The Earth Caught Fire (Split single with Balzac)
* 2006 – Psycho in the Wax Museum
* 2009 – Land of the Dead


* 2001 – Cuts From The Crypt
* 2005 – Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass – Fiend Club Lounge


* Braineaters 1983
* Dig Up Her Bones 1997
* Abominable Dr. Phibes / American Psycho 1998
* Monster Mash 1998
* Scream! 1999

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