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Natacha Peyre Requena, born March 26, 1985 in Ibiza, Spain, is a Swedish model, actress, blogger and a singer.

As a model, she has participated in the newspapers that Moore and Slitz. She has also made a number of advertising jobs and photographed for Playboy. In 2005 she was involved in the documentary Paradise Hotel in TV4. In 2006, the Peyre their music debut with the single TNT. That same year she started the duo dance Natacha & Dominique.

Natacha 2007 a start blogging and today has one of Sweden’s most widely read blogs.


* 2006 – TNT
* 2006 – Wicked
* 2007 – Get A Life


* 2005 – Aylar – A year in rampelyset

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