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Nathan Fillion (born March 27, 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) is a Canadian actor. He was seen among others in the movie Serenity and the series Buffy – The Vampire Slayer and Firefly.


Having initially worked in less acclaimed plays and television productions, Fillion moved in 1994 after New York City, where he played a role in the love Endlosseifenoper Life to Live. In 1996 he was awarded an Emmy in the Outstanding Younger Actress category. A year later, he left the show to pursue other projects. After moving to Los Angeles, he played in the second, third and fourth season of the sitcom Two Guys to bite besides Ryan Reynolds and Traylor Howard is one of the leading roles.

A larger cinema audiences, he first arrived in 1998 with a small role (Pvt. James Frederick Ryan) in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. For his final breakthrough helped him Joss Whedon, who gave him the lead in the series Firefly, and a central role as helpers of evil in the final buffy season. He was also seen 2003 alongside Alicia Silverstone and Ryan O’Neal in six episodes of the series Miss Match. Besides, he had 2006 in the Lost episode I Do a guest appearance. In March 2009 he took over the lead role in the crime series Castle.

His role of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly took Fillion again in 2005 in the feature film Serenity.


* 1993: crash into the white hell (Ordeal in the Arctic) (TV)
* 1994: Strange and Rich
* 1996-97, 2007: Love Life to Live (One Life to Live) (TV series)
* 1998: Saving Private Ryan (Saving Private Ryan)
* 1998: A trio to bite (Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place aka Two Guys and a Girl) (TV series)
* 1999: Blast from the Past (Blast from the Past)
* 2000: Wes Craven Presents Dracula (Dracula 2000)
* 2002: Firefly (TV series)
* 2003: “Wicked Game” – A bad game (Water’s Edge)
* 2003: Miss Match (TV series)
* 2003: Buffy – The Vampire Slayer (Season 7) (TV series)
* 2004: Hollywood Division (TV movie)
* 2005: Pasadena (TV series)
* 2005: Serenity
* 2006: Slither – Voll gone to the mucus (Slither)
* 2006: Lost (3. Relay)
* 2007: White Noise 2: The Light
* 2007-2008: Desperate Housewives (4.Staffel)
* 2007: Jennas Kuchen – For love there is no recipe (Waitress)
* 2008: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (web series)
* 2009: Castle (TV series)

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