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Özlem Yılmaz Türk, movies and series actor was born July 17 in Istanbul in 1986.

Özlem Yılmaz born and bred originally as İstanbul’lu Rizeli. Was born and grew where the Bakırköy. Ozlem Yilmaz had the first academic year at the Kartaltepe Elementary School after school and first started to read it in college players who attended training in the Cultural College.

In the past year was Ataköy High School Republic High School. After completion of training since childhood, Özlem Yilmaz dream of education for the profession that was fun. Passion, talent and interest was known by everyone, cinema and theater training to get started to receive private lessons from Kenter benevolent. Unfortunately, shortly after losing the good players that work for his father was forced to lay off.

One year later to continue where it left off in training Mujdat girdi Gezen and Art School in 2006 he graduated from Mujdat Gezen Actor Studio.

Misak Toros a place in the life of the Özlem Yılmaz is. Misak Toros referring people to call Ozlem Yilmaz for the first series. Misak Toros also the player’s school was the teacher.


*’ll Meet in Dreams (2006)
* What I mean Felek (2006)
* Is Karagümrük Yan (2006)
* Tigris (2007)
* Cough husband (2007)
* Fortune hunter (2008)
* Lace (2008)

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