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Sir Paul Smith (born July 5, 1946 in Nottingham, England) is a British fashion designer and entrepreneur. Smith is most famous for his menswear collections, which he described as “classic with a twist” (Eng. “classic with a twist”) is described, and the use of chromatic colors and floral patterns in his familiar fashion. He is considered the most successful designers in Britain. Headquarters of Paul Smith Ltd. Nottingham’s, Smith‘s office and studio are located in London’s Covent Garden, the turnover for 2008 came to about £ 346 million


Smith, the son of a tailor, had originally intended to be cyclist. Those plans, however, were ended by a Radunfall with a car. Through his father he got a job at a textile factory and a few jobs as a boutique manager and fashion buyers, he opened 1970, his first fashion store in Nottingham. His girlfriend and current wife, Pauline, who is studying fashion design, had brought him together with people from the fashion and design world and encouraged him to create their own fashion. 1976 Smith unveiled his first menswear collection under the name ‘Paul Smith‘ in Paris. The first shop in London was followed by 1979th The mid-1980s the company was in the London business world established itself as a fashion label in the upper price segment. This success resulted in the international expansion of business operations. Today, Smith runs alongside the wholesale Paul Smith, 14 own shops in Britain and many others around the world In Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow and New York and more than 200 in Japan, where the brand is in great demand. A hallmark of Smith‘s a pattern of narrow, bright lines or stripes in 14 colors. Smith is in his business, both for the design as well as the business end, and is responsible in spite of his great success as unaffected, intelligent and witty workaholic. Smith was admitted in 1994 as Commander (CBE) in the Order of the British Empire and in 2000 by Prince Charles for services to the British fashion industry knighted. Since then, he would call himself ‘Sir Paul‘ if he wanted . On the day of the ceremony, the 24th November 2000, he also married his partner since 1969, Pauline Denyer.


The famous stripes of Paul Smith

Under the brand ‘Paul Smith‘ are sold in own retail stores and through retailers in over 75 countries, many collections:

* Men: Paul Smith (main line, since 1976), Paul Smith London (Business-mode), PS Paul Smith (young second line), Paul Smith Jeans (denim-based sportswear) and Red Ear by Paul Smith Jeans (premium denim collection ), Paul Smith Sport (sporty leisurewear), Paul Smith Bespoke (made to measure, since 1998). For the Japanese market, there is Paul Smith Collection (classic English fashion) and Paul Smith Collection Individual Order (custom-made), and also under the name R. Newbold is a young men’s sportswear offering. (Paul Smith had bought 1991, the factory of the British clothing manufacturer founded in 1885, R. Newbold, 1993, in England the first collection of R. Newbold presented and the label since the mid-1990s exclusively located in Japan.)
* Ladies Fashion: Paul Smith (main line, since 1993), Paul Smith Black (more fashionable second line), Paul by Paul Smith and Paul x (juvenile collection)
* Children: Paul Smith Childrenswear (since 1991)
* In addition to and partly under license, (sun) glasses, shoes, accessories, watches, perfumes, eating utensils, writing utensils, carpets, fabrics, etc. offered under the ‘Paul Smith‘ fashion label.
Paul Smith collaborated to design and re-projects with other companies and their products, thereby giving the certain ‘Paul Smith Something’: for example, Burton (snowboards), Triumph (motorcycles), Rapha (bicycle clothing), Evian (glass bottle, etc.)

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