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Pete Doherty (born March 12, 1979 in Hexham, Northumberland, England; actually PeteDoherty) is the lead singer of British band Babyshambles. Above all, through music, but also through his relationship with Kate Moss and excessive drug abuse, he finally made regular attention.


Doherty‘s father served as an officer in the British military, which is why Pete in London, Belfast, Liverpool, Krefeld, and grew up in Cyprus. He has two sisters and himself is the middle child.

At 17, Doherty won a poetry competition of the British Council and was sent as a cultural ambassador to Russia. He studied at Adinah Kroner College, University of London, broke his studies, though in the first year. Then he moved with Carl Barat, whom he had met in 1996 through his sister in an apartment in north London. Between the two developed a deep friendship, which they conferred in the music, poetry and artistic representations of expression.

Doherty and Barât founded in the late 1990s, the band The Libertines, emerged from the two critically acclaimed albums, “Up the Bracket and The Libertines. The former is characterized by rapid and sharp guitar sound, coupled with catchy tunes and patriotic passages. The second work is characterized by lyrical songs that reflect the tragedy and drama of the collapse of the world torn apart by drug-related – “Cornered the boy kicked out at the world – The world kicked back, a lot fucking harder now”. The end of this very productive period was the irruption of Doherty in the house of Barât, where he stole his laptop computer and musical instruments, and they said for drugs.

The band became known with their first releases 2002nd Doherty‘s drug problems and internal disagreements two years later led to his exclusion from the band.

In early 2004, before his break with The Libertines, Doherty has worked together with the British poet Wolfman. Together they took the single “For Lovers of” who in April of this year rose in the British Top 10. Despite a nomination for the Ivor Novello Award Doherty earned only slightly with the song because they had already sold the publication rights for a relatively small sum.

Doherty founded Babyshambles shortly before his retirement from the Libertines. The current Babyshambles he really wanted to also call Libertines, but this was not possible for legal reasons. Their first album Down In Albion appeared in November 2005, her third single “Fuck Forever” reached No. 3 in the UK singles chart. The tours of the band were regularly interrupted by Doherty‘s conflict with the law, such as an attack on Max Carlish, who was to shoot a documentary on Babyshambles. Doherty spent four days in Pentonville prison until £ 159,000 bail could be raised. Two-thirds of the money came from his manager, the rest of EMI.

Alone and often with the continued Babyshambles Pete Doherty of the Libertines, the already well-known tradition and organized recently announced concerts, so-called guerrilla gigs in rather small and more private venues, such as at Year’s Eve 2005 at his home in London or in the spring of 2006 in the NonStop Kino (venue and porn cinema) in Graz (Austria). On these occasions, he asked some solo works under the title “Pete Doherty‘s solo album before”. For the performances in the NonStop cinema, he had at the suggestion of Bettina Aichbauer, owner of the NonStop cinema and produce friend of Doherty, the film “Spew it out your soul” .

The prosecutor accused Doherty in Cologne in May 2006 because of drug use on public streets. The same year he was also in his homeland before the court and confessed to five cases of drug possession. But his friends Michael Haugez and Ali Ghazvini, both philosophers and musicians, assisted him. He was released on bail with the requirement to spend every night in the substance abuse “The Priory” in London. Moreover, it is forbidden to leave until the conclusion of the proceedings the country.

After a recent crash schlangenlinienfahrend mid-November 2006 Doherty was arrested in possession of crack cocaine, ketamine and cannabis, he now finally threatened a prison sentence due to repeated violation of bail conditions. His tour of Germany was canceled at short notice.

In July 2007 there is renewed controversy between him and Kate Moss. She had him summarily thrown out of their flat, which is why Doherty, who lives according to the newspaper “Daily Mirror”, currently in a caravan. The reasons are, Kate Moss, in consequence, not in an alleged affair are, but Doherty‘s fantasies of suicide, which he entrusted to her, after she discovered his will.

On 7 August 2007 Doherty was in court one last reprieve to 4 September 2007, he has to show his will to want to struggle against his drug addiction, otherwise he faces a prison sentence for repeated drug possession. On 21 August, Doherty arrested again on suspicion of drug possession, the police had him but the next day on a technicality can run again. Since late August, he is in the hospital Cloud’s House in Salisbury, southern England polytoxen for treatment of his addiction, and thus meets the requirement of 7 August 2007.

On 1 October 2007 came the second album by Babyshambles, “Shotter’s Nation ‘. The first single “Delivery” was published on 17 September, the accompanying video was on 17 Premieres August 2007.

After a six-week stay in a rehabilitation clinic Pete Doherty seemed to actually “clean” and to be made in the media pointed out that although he could not promise anything, but would certainly try to stay away from drugs. The English magazine ‘The Sun was “not of videos Doherty (allegedly were dated 2 November 2007), in which he once again inject heroin. Doherty did instruct on again – his spokesman apologized on behalf of Doherty‘s for this “stupid, stupid action.”

In April and May 2008 after serving 29 days of a Doherty actually 14-week sentence for illegal possession of drugs .

Pete Doherty is the current stage name “Billy Bilo”. On 13 March 2009 appeared his solo album “Grace / Wastelands”, which was published under his birth name “PeteDoherty“.


In interviews, Doherty was one in 1984 by George Orwell, Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, Notre-Dame des fleurs by Jean Genet and Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire and the works of Oscar Wilde as he like to read books on. He also mentioned Emily Dickinson and Tony Hancock.

At Doherty‘s favorite films include British films of the 1960s such as Billy Liar, Poor Cow – kissing and beaten and O Lucky Man!.

As musical influences, he gives Lee Mavers of The La’s and The Only Ones to. Doherty also appreciate The Smiths and The Clash. It is said that he would build as The Dukes hidden messages in certain songs. Together with Carl Barât Doherty is said to have developed a fondness for the Cockney musicians Chas and Dave.


Doherty is an avowed fan of London football club Queens Park Rangers, for whom he has written in his youth was a fanzine. He starred as a German club, Bayer Uerdingen (now KFC Uerdingen to 05), which is probably connected with his long stay in Krefeld together.

Since 2003, Doherty has a son with his girlfriend and singer Lisa Moorish.

Amy MacDonald is concerned in her song “Poison Prince” with Pete Doherty‘s drug addiction.

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