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Saffron Dominique Burrows (born October 21, 1972 in London, England) is a British actress.

The daughter of socialist political activists at the age of 15 discovered by a talent scout as a model and worked successfully in England and France. Some years later she turned to acting, however.

She made her debut in 1993 in the film In the Name of the Father. She got her first starring role in 1995 in Circle of Friends. Woody Allen, she chose for his film celebrity, but later fired it with the dubious compliment, \”not to be vulgar enough.\” Then came the computer game adaptation Wing Commander and the thriller Deep Blue Sea as well as smaller roles in Enigma, Frida and Troy. From 2007 to 2008 Saffron Burrows was part of the cast of the TV series Boston Legal.

Burrows lives with her partner, the actress Fiona Shaw Theatre in London and plays there regularly theater.
Filmography (excerpt)

* 1993: In the name of the Father (In The Name Of The Father)
* 1995: Circle of Friends
* 1996: Cold Lazarus (Miniseries)
* 1997: MatchMaker (The Matchmaker)
* 1999: Wing Commander
* 1999: Deep Blue Sea
* 2000: Time Code
* 2000: Gangster no. 1
* 2001: Seduce me! (Tempted)
* 2001: Enigma – The Mystery (Enigma)
* 2001: Hotel
* 2002: Frida
* 2004: Troy
* 2006: Klimt
* 2007: Reign Over Me (Reign Over Me)
* 2007-2008: Boston Legal (Series, 4th Season, 20 episodes)
* 2008: The Bank Job
* 2008: The Guitar
* 2009: Law & Order: Criminal Intent – (Series)
* 2009: Shrink (film)

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