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Samantha Karen Fox (London, April 15, 1966) is a British singer and former model. He gained great popularity in the eighties with the single Touch Me (I Want Your Body), which topped the charts worldwide, particularly in Britain, the United States, Sweden and Australia.

Childhood and adolescence

Samantha was born in Mile End, an area of London borough London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is the oldest daughter of Patrick John Fox and Carole Ann Wilken, a family of merchants of the East End of London. He has one sister, Vanessa, who is six years younger and a sister, Frederica, acquired after the second marriage of his father.

His interest in theater led her for the first time on stage at the age of 3 years and became part of the Anna Scher Theatre school in five years. His first television appearance came in 1976 at the age of 10 years, in a BBC show called No Way Out For 11 years he began to attend school theater Judi Dench Mountview near his home in Crouch End

He formed his first rock band at age 14 and obtained the first year after a record deal with Lamborghini Records. He abandoned his career and the musical theater when he began working as a model.
Modeling career

In early 1983, Carole Fox, the then sixteen year old daughter photographed in lingerie and sent the images to the amateur competition for the \”Face and Shape of 1983\” organized by the newspaper The Sunday People. Finished second in the competition, his photographs were published in the Sunday People as a result of which a photographer from the Sun asked her for a professional photo session. On February 22, 1983, with the consent and support of parents, Samantha appeared for the first time topless on page 3 of the Sun

The blonde hair, her smile and her bursting breast (disproportionate when compared to its height of 1 meter and 55 cm) quickly turned it into an icon. Some months after the start of a modeling career, he assured her breasts for £ 250,000. Samantha won for three consecutive years (1984, 1985 and 1986) the award for \”Page 3 Girl of the Year\” at the Sun, and its helped to raise awareness for the girls of provocative newspaper. They were also published in magazines erotic images, although a few shots that were portrayed in the nude.

In 1986 he announced the abandonment of the role model for the Sun at the age of 20 years, and only agreed to appear again in 1995 in the newspaper on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of page 3. His return had a huge response from readers and Samantha posed for the whole week until the anniversary, the final number on Friday, the Sun included a picture of her topless in A3. His last photo naked put back to October 1996 when, at age 30, for Playboy.

His father was the administrator of the modeling career of Samantha in its infancy, but the two broke off economic relations when she discovered that her fees were deducted from their parent. Patrick John Fox and Carole Ann Wilken later divorced.

On September 15, 2008 Samantha Fox is proclaimed \”the best pin-ups of all time Page 3 (page 3 pin-up best ever) by the British newspaper The Daily Star online survey carried out on players, models from the likes Lucy Pinder, Katie Price and Linda Lusardi. Pleased with the success of many votes, Samantha decides to pose nude again for the newspaper which publishes exclusive photos in the number of September 25, 2008 accompanied by an interview, revealing a breathtaking body 24 years after gaining for the first time the prize for \”Page 3 Girl of the Year.\”

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