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Sandi Thom (born August 11, 1981 in Banff, actually Alexandra Thom) is a Scottish singer and songwriter.


Sandi Thom was known by a special Internet promotion. For three weeks she played daily in her apartment in London\’s Tooting, recorded the performances and gave them to the Internet. This 21 Nights from Tooting were taken up by the press as quickly and reached great popularity. A major record company took her under contract and then brought her debut single I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker out (With Flowers in My Hair). Although suspicions were raised after the story had been staged, this was not proven.

The single was a huge success internationally. In addition to 1st place in the UK, Ireland and Australia, among other things, it reached the Top 10 in Sweden, France and New Zealand . The following debut album Smile … It Confuses People jumped in her home also in the top chart, but was even less successful internationally, but still sold worldwide over 700,000 times, the second single What If I\’m Right has been exercised only in English speaking countries.

Their second album The Pink and the Lily (a reference to Lily the Pink) appeared two years later. Although the song The Devil\’s Beat was a small success, but the album was a flop. The following Merchants and Thieves album was hardly noticed in 2010 and stayed away from the charts, so that Sandi Thom was essentially a one hit wonder.

* 2006: I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)
* 2006: What If I\’m Right
* 2007: Lonely Girl
* 2007: Little Remedy
* 2008: Devil\’s Beat


* 2006: Smile … It Confuses People
* 2008: The Pink and the Lily

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