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Santigold (born September 25, 1976 until February 2009 known as Santo Gold, actually Santi White) is an American singer, producer and composer.


Santi White is originally from Philadelphia, where she attended the \”German Town Friends School. She then went on to Wesleyan University and studied Caribbean and West African drums. In the 1980s they adopted the pseudonym Santigold, the nickname used by a friend for her. Initially she worked for Epic Records before she left that position to work on the album How I do. 2003 her father died of cancer. Then she went to New York and sang in the punk rock band Stiffed.

Her aim is to invent its own music genre, which is composed of the musical influences of their youth and their own sound ideas. \”Before, my father took me to concerts already. At that time I have Nina Simone and Fela Kuti with 27 naked women seen on the stage. My older sister has often music of Bad Brains, The Smiths and generally includes the classic rock sound. Then there were the people at my school who have heard The Cure or the Talking Heads. All this is reflected in Santo Gold. I combine these influences with my own output to ultimately shape my own style, \”reports the New Yorker. In February 2009, subject to the previously under the name Santigold known artist in a name dispute and changed its name to Santigold.

* 2008: Santigold


* 2007: Creator
* 2008: L.E.S. Artistes
* 2008: My Drive Through
* 2008: Lights Out
* 2008: Say Aha
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