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Sara Carbonero Arévalo (November 30, 1984 in Corral de Almaguer, Toledo province) is a Spanish sports journalist and television reporter. It is the Spanish TV station Telecinco work, including as a sports presenter of the news Informativos Telecinco.


Sara Carbonero studied journalism at the University Complutense in Madrid and began her career with Radio Marca reporter. From 2007 she worked for the Spanish television laSexta, where she was responsible for sports information in its news program. She reported, inter alia, on the Spanish team in the World Basketball Championship in 2007 and appeared in the live broadcast Minuto y resultado.

In April 2009 as a sports reporter Carbonero moved to media companies and private TV station Telecinco, which is based in Madrid. Among other things, she had several appearances at the Sports News Reader in the news Informativos Telecinco. They also reported as a sports reporter from national and international sports competitions, such as the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 in South Africa. Since July 2009 she was deputy head of the sports department of Telecinco, and sports host in Informativos Telecinco news program, which was awarded on several occasions with Spanish TV awards such as Premios TP de Oro and ATV. Currently she hosts the first daily sports information block (primera Edición), which is broadcast in the 15:00 clock news (Informativos Telecinco Mediodía) by Telecinco.

Sara Carbonero lives in Madrid and liiert is with the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas.
Public discussion of women’s role

During the 2010 World Cup Carbonero reported in June / July 2010, live from South Africa, found with their private relationship existing since 2009 with the Spanish national team goalie, Iker Casillas, the interest the media. Newspapers like the London Times wrote that the reporter standing on the sidelines the goalkeeper in the 0-1 defeat of Spain in the first game against Switzerland had diverted crucial. The Madrid Press Association also criticized the use of Casillas-girlfriend because the journalist lacks the “actor’s wife,” the critical distance. Your channel Telecinco rejected the allegations and said that Carbonero would do their “job flawlessly.”

The Basler Zeitung pointed in their coverage of Carbonero (“Miss football reporter”) to a 2007 study by the Department of Sport, Media and Communications at the Technical University of Munich as well as the fact-based book dream of professional sports journalism Deputy Chair-Director Michael Schaffrath. After a good look and age of sports journalists were classified far less important than expertise. The “apparent and the advance of women’s emancipation would” deceive addition, the international women’s quota would be in sports journalism at only about 7 percent and had no increasing trend.

The NZZ wrote that in Spain “or the young women and Carbonero Defence Minister Carme Chacón … reviewed again by its cover” are often of secondary importance and that it was “whether they do their job well. Observers … would to the deep-seated refusal of the Spaniards see , women ascribe competence. “So wrote a Kommentarorin in the Spanish newspaper El Pais:” As policy makers we still are not welcome. If they were men, no one would report on them.

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