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Sarah Blasko, responsible. Sarah Elizabeth splendors (born September 23, 1976 in Sydney) – Australian artist and writer.

After playing with the band from Sydney called Acquiesce (mid 90s) and Blasko began a solo career in 2002. In 2007 she won the award \”Best pop release\” at the ARIA Music Awards for What the Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have, which debuted on the 7th spot on the ARIA Albums Chart. Her latest album, As Night Follows Day reached the fifth place and brought Sarah the award for \”Best Female Artist\” at the 2009 ARIA Awards.

Sarah was born shortly after her family moved to the French island of Réunion, where her parents were Christian missionaries. After arriving in Australia, her parents often change their churches, where Sarah sang with her mother, but finally settled on the Pentecostal Church in Sydney, who later was called Hillsong. Her mother was a nurse and his father, a teacher of Hungarian-German roots. During high school, Sarah and her older sister, Kate has created a group of jazz and blues. At age 15, Sarah was taken over an apocalyptic vision of the end of the world and Christ\’s return and eventually left the church in the last year of high school. There she took singing lessons before the 19th years of age, when it began to play guitar. She completed a degree in English literature and film.

It is known for its love of the old styles in clothes, music and art. She said once that he likes things old that have passed the test of time, probably because her family once had money to buy new ones.

Since 1998, Sarah Semmens, was the leader of the group Acquiesce and sang with her as lead singer. Belonged to this group also Paul Camilleri (guitar), Steve Foxe (violin), Dave Hemmings (drums), Ted Langtree (bass) and her sister Kate Halcrow (vocals). Songs were written jointly by Blasko and Camilleri. Acquiesce, however, broke up – Sarah left with an acoustic guitarist Nick Schneider in favor of short-term project Sorija, played a concert in April 2002. Sarah also has a failed marriage behind him at the beginning of their careers.

In 2002, Blasko decided to go solo and develop material for an EP consisting of six songs. Produced and promoted the album independently with the financial support of its manager Craig New. Blasko signed to Dew Process, who released her album again. Minor differences in the productions make it earlier, independent release is more valuable for collectors.

In October 2004, Blasko released their debut full-length album The Overture & the Underscore, which met with critical acclaim and received platinum status in Australia, after selling over 70,000 copies, and debuted in the Top 40 on the ARIA Albums Chart. In 2005 Blasko received four nominations for ARIA Music Awards, including Album of the Year. \” Her EP and the album was centered around an acoustic guitar. Sarah Blasko spent in April 2006 on recording their second album in Auckland. The first track from the album, which came on the radio, to Explain. The next single, Always on This Line, lived to see even a music video on VH1 and MAX. The video is also designed for Planet New Year. In 2008 Blasko began working on a third album As Day Follows Night. The album was recorded in Stockholm. She wrote songs without contribution Cranny\’ego – their creative and personal relationship ended. Sarah decided to burn the material is less complicated, no electric guitars. The album went on the market in Australia on July 10 and reached the fifth place on the ARIA Albums Chart. Blasko received five nominations for the ARIA Music Award for their work in 2009. The singer also performed the first single from the album All I Want for ARIA Awards ceremony on Nov. 26.

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