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Sarah Carter (October 30, 1980 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian actress. She played in films such as Dead or Alive (DOA) and Final Destination 2 with.

Sarah Carter grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba on. Even at school she danced and participated in several school plays, for example, in the role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz among other things, she was also a member of the debate team, so they could travel a lot. After her graduation, Carter went to Europe for a year and then returned to Toronto, where she was educated at Ryerson Theatre School.

In 2001 she had a first guest appearance on television in the series Wolf Lake, and later in Dark Angel and American Campus – Reif for the university?. In early 2005 she had a cameo in the episode \’Big Air\’, the U.S. Justice series Boston Legal.

With a role in the psychological thriller Mindstorm they finally established in 2001 in the film business. In it she played the kidnapped daughter of a senator. Next she appeared in 2003 in Final Destination 2, the sequel to the film Final Destination from the year 2000.

In July 2010 it was announced that the new TNT series Falling Skies will play a major role .

* 2001: Trapped
* 2002: My partner with the cold muzzle 3 (K-9: PI)
* 2003: A Date with Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster
* 2003: Final Destination 2 (Final Destination 2)
* 2004: Haven
* 2005: Berkeley
* 2005: Numbers – The logic of the crime
* 2004-2005: Smallville
* 2006: Dead or Alive (DOA: Dead or Alive)
* 2006: National Lampoon\’s Pledge This!
* 2006: Skinwalkers
* 2006-2008: Shark
* 2009: CSI: NY

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