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Severina Vuckovic (April 21, 1972 in Split, Yugoslavia, now Croatia) is a Croatian pop singer. She is known by her first name Severina, but is known because of their popularity in Croatia, where sometimes Nacionale Seve. Their music has influences of the turbo-folk.


At age 17 she released her debut album Severina .

The song Djevojka sa sela in 1998 the anthem of the Croatian football fans during the World Cup 1998th It was followed in 1999 the album Ja samo pjevam, was sold more than 50,000 times.

2001/02 it carried out in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Virujen u te their successful tour.

2004 dipped about ten years old 11-minute Privatvideo of Severina on the Internet where they can be seen with a married man during sex. Until then, Severina was dominated religious image of abstinence . Vuckovic tried to prevent the spread of the video, but failed. Outside of the former Yugoslavia brought her the video a popularity boost.

Transnational Success

In 2006 she won with the song Moja Štikla ( “My high heels”), the Dora festival and represented Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, where she worked with 56 points, 13 Course reached. The choice of a turbo-folk song for the ESC has been considerable debate in the Croatian public, , especially with Goran Bregović a self served as Yugoslav Producer characteristic for the arrangement. musicians and politicians questioned whether such a Croatia was represented adequately review.

Already in 2001, Severina Croatia was among the first artists who spoke after the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the Serbian market, when she performed at Đorđe Balašević ‘concert in Novi Sad. Today it is one of the most popular female artists from across the Serbo-Croatian language area.

Film Career

Severina acted in films and plays in too. To mention here are the monodrama Čekajući svog čovika, the musical and the play Karolina Riječka Glembajevi.

In 2004 she starred in the mockumentary Gdje je nestala Slovenija? ( “Where is gone Slovenia?”). In the film she plays the main spokesperson of the Croatian news reports, the fact that on the day of Slovenia’s EU accession has disappeared in the South Pacific.

Also for the Bosnian film Duhovi Sarajeva Severina stood in front of the camera.


Severina and Danijela Martinović, who took the 1998 for Croatia in the ESC, attended the same school class.
* Only two artists Severina dedicated a song. Rapper Edo Maajka 2006 published on his album the song Stigo cumur Severina. Also DJ Krmak wrote her a song called Severina, which appeared on his album Krmak & DJ Dream Team.
* Contains Alka Vuicas song Bolje bi ti bilo ( “It would be better for you”) the line Ma koja Severina, ja sam ljuta paprika ( “What Severina, I am a hot pepper”) based on the Severina-mania in Croatia.


Severina (1989)
* Dalmatinka (1993)
* Trava zelena (1995)
* Moja stvar (1996)
* Djevojka sa sela (1997)
* Yes samo pjevam (1999)
* Paloma Nera – Live (1999)
* Pogled ispod obrva (2001)
* 18 velikih hitova (2002)
* Virujen u te – Live (2002)
* Virujen u te – DVD (2003)
* Sever Green (2004)
* Moja Štikla (Promo Single not for sale/2006)
* The Best Of (2006)
* Moja Štikla moj Sokole (MultiMedia CD 08/2006)
* The platinum collection (2006)
* Zdravo Marijo (2008)

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