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Shannen Maria Doherty (* 12 April 1971 in Memphis) is an US-American actress, admits by its roles in the US series Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed – charm-cling to witches. In addition it played in a set of television films the leading role.

Lives and career

Shannen Doherty came on 12 April 1971 as a daughter of the married couple Tom and pink Doherty into Memphis (Tennessee) to the world. Already early their interest in the looking plaything showed up. Their first television role had it 1981 with a guest appearance in the TV serial Father Murphy. Michael Landon, which was active as author and producer for the series, was in such a way done of Dohertys achievement that he engaged her for the continuation of its TV serial our small farm. There it played the role of the Jenny of savages from 1982 to 1983 and became known to a larger public so for the first time. A set of guest appearances in different TV serials and roles in television films followed, before Doherty received 1989 a role in the feature Heathers.
Shannen Doherty (1991)

From 1990 to 1994 Doherty in the successful TV serial Beverly Hills, 90210 played the role of the Brenda Walsh. For Doherty this series was the large break-through, however it had difficulties to process the sudden fame. The popular press reported on numerous affairs and alcohol excesses. Also with the shootings to the series it came to tensions. Numerous quarrels with the other actors led finally to the fact that Doherty of the producer became to dismiss Aaron Spelling.

1993 married Doherty Ashley Hamilton, the marriage became however already 1994 again divorced. In March 1994 Doherty for the US-American expenditure of the Playboy magazine posed. 1995 played it a leading role in the feature Mallrats.

From 1998 to 2001 Doherty in the successful TV serial embodied Charmed – charm-cling to witches the role of the Prudence Halliwell. After the third relay it was ruled out in the controversy with the production company from the series.

2002 married Doherty in second marriage Rick Salomon, which became marriage 2003 cancelled. In December 2003 it let a second time for the Playboy magazine make a blueprint itself.

From 2003 to 2004 Doherty moderated the disputed transmission Scare Tactics, in which notionless humans were merciless frightened. In the autumn 2004 Shannen Doherty entered as intrigante Alexandra Hudson into the US series North shore, in order to protect these the joggle, but it did not help anything.

2005 played Shannen Doherty a leading role in the television film Category 7 – the end of the world.

In the year 2006 Shannen Doherty in the talk show The View was to be seen as a CO host. Starting from 22 August 2006 its transmission Breaking UP ran with Shannen Doherty, in which it accompanied humans, who wanted to separate from their partner. This series was set off after the first relay.

Christmas 2007 was to be seen to Shannen Doherty on the US-American television in the film Christmas Caper. The comedy acts of one is, which returns to its overslept homeland small town to Connecticut, in order to steal Christmas.


TV serials

* 1982-1983: Our small farm (Little House on the Prairie) as Jenny of savages
* 1985: Robert Kennedy & his times as Kathleen Kennedy
* 1986-1988: Our house as Kris Witherspoon
* 1990-1994: Beverly Hills, 90210 as Brenda Walsh
* 1992: The Secret OF draws to Creek as Jennie Fogel
* 1998-2001: Charmed – charm-cling to witches as Prudence Halliwell
* 2003-2004: Scare Tactics as a hostess
* 2004: North shore as Alexandra Hudson
* 2006: Bo in The USA as a hostess (Channel 4 comedy show)
* 2006: The View (2 episodes)
* 2006: Breaking UP with Shannen Doherty as a hostess
* 2008:90210

Guest appearances

* 1981: Father Murphy as Drusilla Shannon, consequences 1,5 and 1.6
* 1982: The Phoenix as a small girl, consequence 1.2
* 1982: The time travelers (Voyagers!) as Betty Parris, consequence 1.4
* 1983: Magnum (Magnum, P.I.) as Ima flat, consequence 4.8
* 1984: Air wolf as Phoebe Danner, consequence 1.4
* 1985: An angel on ground connection (highway ton of Heaven) as Shelley Fowler, consequence 2.9
* 1986: Outlaws as a young girl, consequence 1.1
* 1989:21 Jump Street – scene classroom in consequence “the Denunziant” 4,12. as Janice.
* 1990: Life Goes on as Ginny Green, consequence 1.12
* 1992: Parker Lewis – the cool one of the school (Parker Lewis Can’t of lots) as Shannen Doherty, consequence 2.22


* 1982: Nightshift – the Leichenhaus flippt completely out as Bluebird
* 1985: Lipstick & Ice Cream (Girls Just Want ton of Have Fun) as Maggie Malene
* 1985: Where were you, Claire at that time? (The Other Lover) as Alson falling thing
* 1989: Heathers as Heather Duke
* 1991: Forever Young as Partygirl
* 1992: Traitorous pictures (Freeze Frame) as Lindsay Scott
* 1992: Hell of the passion (Obsessed) as Lorie Brindel
* 1994: Almost DEAD – at the edge of the insanity (Almost DEAD) as Doctor Katherine Roshak
* 1994: Blindfold – murderous play (Blindfold: Acts OF Obsession) as Madeleine Dalton
* 1994: Jailbreakers as fishing rod Norton
* 1994: Flaming passion – the life of the Margaret Mitchell (A Burning passion: The Margaret Mitchell story) as Margaret
* 1995: Mallrats as Rene Mosier
* 1996: Gone into the Night as Cindi Dowaliby
* 1997: Jealous – betrayal of a friend (to Friends ‘Til the end) as Heather Romley
* 1997: For a man by hell (Sleeping with the Devil) as Rebecca Dubrovich
* 1997: Nowhere as Valley Chick #2
* 1997: Rush by the Rocky Mountains (The ticket) as CeeCee Reicker
* 1999: In the hair cross of the fear (Striking of pos) as fee Sullivan
* 2000: Witches for the school of the Satans (Satan’s School for Girls) as Beth Hammersmith/Karen Oxford
* 2001: Another Day as Kate
* 2001: Jay and silent Bob strike back (2001)
* 2002: Play of the fear (The Rendering) as Sarah Reynolds
* 2002: Brightly on Heels: The Battle OF Mary Kay as Lexi Wilcox
* 2003: Nightlight as Celeste
* 2005: Category 7 – The end of the world as Faith Clavell
* 2007: Christmas Caper as Kate Dove
* 2007: Kiss ME Deadly: A Jacob Keane Assignment as Marta

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