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Sibel Kekilli Biography & Photos

Sibel Kekilli (* June 16, 1980 in Heilbronn) is a German actress of Turkish descent. It was as lead actress in Fatih Akın multiple award-winning film Gegen die Wand a wider audience.


After the Middle with a final maturity of the 10th Sibel Kekilli class worked as an administrative clerk in the Heilbronn City Hall in the Department for disposal. After two years, announced it and moved to Essen. They earned their money in different occupations, for example, as a saleswoman, türsteherin, cleaning, general manager of a night, as a waitress, Promoterin, porn actress and photo model (for example, for coupe).

In 2002, she was in Cologne to a cafe by a Casterin of whether they are in a movie by director Fatih Akın wanted to play. You said and sat down against the casting around 350 competitors through. This was her entry into a career in the film industry. In the 2002/03 adopted Sibel Kekilli three weeks teaching in the disciplines of drama and improvisation at the Drama School in Bochum as well as voice and speech training.

Immediately after the award of the film against the wall at the Berlinale, the German tabloid Bild Zeitung in February 2004 with large headlines the past as Sibel Kekillis actress under the pseudonym Dilara known Kekilli had two years earlier when magma film porn label on the side of actors such as Anja Juliette Laval and Tyra Misoux hardcore in several productions, including in the film The Hot Chick Mega-Farm (2002), the Top 10 German Hardcore DVD bestseller list reached. Other early productions with their participation was only after the extensive coverage in the popular press to reach significant sales figures .

The campaign of the newspaper sparked heated discussions, case statements, and Miss solidarity and gave as both the film Gegen die Wand, as well as temporary Kekillis involvement in porn movies extra attention. “It was really the way it always is: I was young and needed money,” said the young actress under the impression of a sudden they befall the public interest .

On 18 November 2004 called Sibel Kekilli in television transmitted Bambi Awards newspapers Bild and Express, “this raunchy rancorous” to quit. On 2 December 2004 claimed the German Press Council of publicly reporting on Sibel Kekilli picture for violation of human dignity: “The public interest covers a form of non-reporting, in which the personality of the person concerned is reduced to what one of these texts in the door porn film cassettes can read. ” It took about another year, until the picture on page 4 of complaint printed.

Sibel Kekilli had been in a number of movies and read in the audiobook series Strong voices of the women’s magazine Brigitte the novel sense and sensibility by Jane Austen, she was also the main actress in a music group Rosenstolz to benefit single for the love I want to know everything. She lives together with her friend in Hamburg-Altona.

Private, she is involved, inter alia, to combat violence against women in Islamic habitats and supports the organization Terre des Femmes. An expression Kekillis on domestic violence in Muslim families ( “I have personally experienced that physical and psychological violence in a Muslim family is considered normal. Unfortunately, violence is on the Heritage in Islam. “) resulted in an event organized by the Hürriyet newspaper on 1 December 2006 in the Berlin House of Representatives is that the Turkish Consul General Ahmet Nazif Alpman demonstratively left the hall. He had Kekillis statements as perceived discrimination of Muslims, said this compared to the taz .



Gegen die Wand

Her first movie, 2004 was the drama Gegen die Wand (directed by Fatih Akın), in which she played the main role. The film was at the Berlinale with the Golden Bear award, also in Barcelona, he received the European Film Award 2004 for best European film of the year. Sibel Kekilli also won because of their performance in acting against the wall several major film awards. The shooting in Turkey had previously been extremely difficult, that a Kekilli suffered appendicitis and had to be treated in the hospital .

Kebab Connection

In the German-Turkish comedy Kebab Connection from the year 2005, Sibel Kekilli in a small supporting role as an Italian mother and child represented.

Eve Dönüş

Eve Dönüş (too German: Homecoming), 2006 was the first Turkish film in which Sibel Kekilli players. It is directed by Ömer Uğur A worker during the Turkish military coup of 1980 dar.

The last train

In the Holocaust film The last train of the producer Artur Brauner Sibel Kekilli plays with this one of the last train from Berlin Grunewald station deportees to Auschwitz Jewish women. Directed by Joseph Vilsmaier, film was launched on 9 November 2006.


In winter they travel to play the young Kurd Leyla, with an old man at the end of his life (played by Josef Bierbichler) travels to Africa. Releasedate was 23 November 2006 .

Fay Grim

In the U.S. film Fay Grim (2006), Sibel Kekilli in a guest role as a receptionist in an Istanbul luxury hotel to be seen.

Nachtschicht – Bloody City

In this 2008 film shot from the film series by Lars Becker Nachtschicht Kekilli has a greater role as’ kratzbürstige Layla. ”

The stranger

Kekilli plays in the German movie The strangers, who in 2009 cinemas to appear, the Turkish-German Umay resulting from a marriage in Istanbul led erupts and Germany to fight for their self-determination needs. It is the first title role for Kekilli.


In the Finnish film Pihalla (German: The Playground) Kekilli is a German mother, who with her husband professionally strong clamped and a small daughter of Hamburg moved to Tampere and an affair with a keeper play begins. This opens her eyes about her strange life.


Pornographic Productions

In 2001 worked in Kekilli porn company Videorama in a sequence of the film series Debütantinnen boy, whose Director Harry S. Morgan with the Venus Award was supplied. In 2002 followed by several productions at Magma film, including The Verfickte Practice, 2002 Wild Sex-Nights, Casa Rosso (under the direction of former porn actress Helen Duval), Mega Hot chick Farm, Ein Sommertagstraum, hotel and Fickmichgut Teeny Sweet dreams.


2007 played Kekilli often sent in the music video for the love I want to know everything from Rosenstolz a bride who detours and confusion to find her dream man.


For her role in Gegen die Wand was Sibel Kekilli:

* Best Actress 2004 – Prize at the Film Festival Turkey v Germany in Nuremberg
* Best Actress 2004 – “Lola in gold” of the German Film Awards
* New Faces of the magazine Bunte Award as best young actress
* Undine Award as Best Young Actress in a feature film
* Bambi – TV Award as the Shooting Star of 2004
* Nominated for the finals of the European Film Awards as European Actress 2004
* Prize for Best Actress at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February 2005.
* For her role in Eve Dönüs when she was in Antalya Film Festival in September 2006 as Best Actress.

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