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Real name Noelia Silvina Luna
Born June 21, 1980
Bandera County of Santa FeRosario, Santa Fe, Argentina flag Argentina
Measures 95-61-95 cm
Height 175 cm
Weight 52 kg
Hair color brown
Eye color blue

Silvina Noelia Luna, was born on June 21, 1980 in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina. It is a model, actress and vedette.


Born in the town of Rosario, she always wanted to study theater and get a job to help his family that he was experiencing serious economic problems. This beautiful Argentine lineages is among its ancestors Greeks and Italians . After finishing his secondary studies at the age of 17 years, he moved to the city of Buenos Aires to study theater and worked as a receptionist, promoter and model. It was subsequently moved to Miami where he lived for several months along with a friend. Upon his return to Argentina in 2001, is chosen to participate in the reality show Big Brother, where he became one of the most popular participants.

It is part of the campus model agency Ricardo Pi?o and took drama classes with Julio Chavez

In 2006 participated in the segment of the program Showmatch of Channel 13 (led by Marcelo Tinelli) called Dancing for a Dream (the second edition of this one).

Big Brother

Silvina joined their colleagues, he entered the house of Big Brother, in its second issue, on August 4, 2001. On October 20 was nominated for leaving the game with Javier Aureano, and 27 October is expelled from the house with 55% of the votes. The same month, 30, was elected by the public, with 72% of the votes, to return as a substitute Pablo Heredia, who decided to leave the game.

On December 1, which was the last day of participation, Silvina reaches the final, remaining in second place with 24.96% of the vote, behind Roberto Parra, who wins with 47.14% stake. 9


* Estuvo en la portada de la revista argentina Maxim y de la revista espa? Intervi?
* There will be rumors that had an affair with former footballer Diego Maradona.
* It also quote some famous soccer players such as Fernando Gago , Matias Mantilla and Franco Costanzo .
* It has a Maltese dog named Valentine.
* Has a tattoo on his left shoulder.
* There was a surgery in 2002 to increase the size of the bust, and then in 2006, to reduce it again.
* Has a brother called Ezekiel who is six years younger than she is.
* He won 10 kilos during his stay in the house of Big Brother.
* It’s a fan of Rosario Central

Shares in theater

* Vedetisima (upcoming summer season)
* More than friends (2008)
* The champagne mimosas puts (2005)
* Different (2003)
* The night of the cold pistols (2002)

Shares in TV

* The Capo (2007)
* Dancing for a Dream 2 (2006)
* Gladiators at Pompeii (2006)
* Love in Custody (2005)
* Who is the boss? (2005)
* The pattern of the village (2005)
* There is no 2 no 3 (2004)
* The Roldan (2004)
* The hairdresser (2003)
* Big Brother (2001) (Participant)

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