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Timur Bekmambetov Nuruachitowitsch (Russian Тимур Нуруахитович Бекмамбетов, born June 25, 1961, Guriev, Kazakhstan) is a Russian filmmaker and director.

His father Nuruachit Bekmambetov (Russian Нуруахит Бекмамбетов) is a Kazakh and his mother Mira Bogoslawskaya (Russian Мира Богословская) a Jewish (Ashkenazi).

In the 1990s, earned his living as a commercial director Bekmambetov. Seeing a friend he made it $ 60,000 his first feature film to be found. Peshawar Waltz is about the Soviet war in Afghanistan. He then turned to the American producer Roger Corman, the cheap strip arena. With his third feature film Night Watch – Nochnoi Dozor Bekmambetov was the breakthrough. The fantasy thriller based on the novel by Sergei Lukyanenko Russian-selling author. With the continuation of Day Watch – Bekmambetov Dnevnoi Dozor surpassed the success of the first part. The film played only in Russia at the box office over 30 million dollars, setting a new record.

2007 turned Bekmambetov in Russia to continue the extremely popular Soviet TV movie irony of fate (directed by Eldar Ryazanov). 2008 was followed by his first Hollywood movie Wanted with Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, which grossed worldwide and a budget of $ 75 million exceeds 341 million dollars at the box office.
Filmography (selection)

* 1991: Peshawar Waltz (Пешаварский вальс)
* 2000: Arena (Гладиатрикс)
* 2004: Night Watch – Nochnoi Dozor (Ночной дозор)
* 2006: Day Watch – Dnevnoi Dozor (Дневной дозор)
* 2007: irony of fate. The sequel (Ирония судьбы. Продолжение)
* 2008: Wanted (Особо опасен)
* 2009: Tschjornaja Molnia (Чёрная Молния)

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