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Tito Ortiz (born 23 January 1975 as Jacob Christopher Ortiz) is an American mixed martial arts fighters. On 23 October 2010 was his fight record 15 wins, eight defeats and one draw.

MMA Career

Tito Ortiz grew up in the Californian city of Huntington Beach. He started in high school with rings and led the sport further in college. His first contact with MMA he had as a sparring partner of Tank Abbott, who until September 1996, his return to the ring prepared. In May 1997, Ortiz in his first MMA event at UFC 13 – The Ultimate Force of the organizer Ultimate Fighting Championship. In his first fight he defeated Wes Albritton after half a minute by TKO. In his second fight he played as a substitute for Enson Inoue, he had to against the veteran Guy Mezger of Team Lion\’s Den to give up after three minutes.

After this first experience, Tito Ortiz denied in December 1998, a fight for the West Coast NHB Championships small operators, in which he forced Jeremy Screeton to the task. In January 1999 he returned to the UFC and defeated Mezger\’s training partner Jerry Bohlander by TKO. At UFC 19 in March, there was a rematch with Mezger, which he lost by TKO. As with Bohlander, Ortiz moved to the fight a T-shirt with a slogan on the insulted his opponent. This enraged the mainly Lion\’s-Founder Ken Shamrock, which occurred after the fight, almost to a brawl. In his next fight should start in September Ortiz at UFC 22 against Ken Shamrock\’s brother Frank to the UFC Middleweight Title. Ortiz was beaten in the fourth round, and Frank Shamrock stood down as the champion of the UFC.
UFC Middleweight Champion

Then Tito Ortiz fought in April 2000 at UFC 25, which was held in Japan against Wanderlei Silva for the vacant following the resignation Shamrocks become UFC Middleweight Title. When Pride fighters Silva was limited by the stringent rules of the UFC and lost on points. Ortiz was therefore UFC Middleweight Champion, a title which was then in the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion converted.

In December, Ortiz had to defend his title for the first time. Yuki Kondo had been in the first round up against him. His next opponent, Evan Tanner, defeated Ortiz in February 2001 in half a minute KO. Then he defeated Elvis Sinosic at UFC 32, according to Vladimir Matyushenko by TKO and the UFC 33 points. The next fight was on November 2002 at UFC 40 against Ken Shamrock set. It should be one of the UFC events with the highest PPV sales. Ortiz won by TKO in the third round.

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