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Tom Leykis (August 1, 1956, Bronx, New York), he hosts a talk show on the radio, which is syndicated nationally and internationally (in the U.S. and even in Canada) by Westwood One

The Tom Leykis show

The Tom Leykis Show, as is known in English, was broadcast live from Westwood One studios in Culver City, now broadcast from Paramount Pictures Studio in Hollywood and you can listen live at 97.1 FM dial (Southern California) from 15.00 to 19.00 Pacific time Monday through Friday. From 15.00, any two hours between 15 and 16 is rebroadcast.

The list of other members change frequently, but, in early 2006, the program can be heard in Seattle, San Diego, Fresno, San Francisco, Phoenix, Portland, Dallas, Chicago, and many more. Some cities get live tuning while the rest of the tunes in deferred night. You can also listen via the Internet through the program via streaming transmission, available on the website of the station KLSX 97.1, Free FM.

The program covers a certain range of topics, often based on facts of life Leykis, news and e-mails sent by radio listeners, focusing on issues concerning relationships, sex, marriage, quotes and other matters that are of interest to a category of men comprising the younger ages to the quarantine, its target demographic. Although the program is produced by men and focused for them, it encourages women to listen so they can learn how men think.

Regular segments include Flash Fridays program, where listeners are encouraged to show their breasts women men drivers who carry their headlights on and Leykis 101, in which the teacher (Tom Leykis himself) teaches students how their rules for appointments.

These rules are based on helping single men, especially those in their twenties, to get the maximum number of sex with the least effort and money as possible. Leykis believes that the youth of about twenty years are particularly susceptible to the topic of pregnancy and continuously makes them look, with some emphasis, to be responsible and always use condoms. Leykis warned that its courses are designed for people who does not look serious, monogamous relationships, but for those who want to be independent and do not want to tie (and who understand the differences.) According to Leykis, men should never spend a lot of money to impress women, but it should stop being a woman if it still refuses to have sex after the third round. He even warns that you should never include single mothers. The latter is cited as a practical matter, those wishing to rendezvous with a woman does not need to go through any other additional form of interference, as can be children.

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