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Tori Amos tɔ ɹi eɪməs ː (born August 22, 1963 Myra Ellen Amos in Newton, North Carolina) is an American singer and songwriter. Tori Amos used as one of the few popular musicians piano as main instrument. It has gained popularity since the early 1990s, particularly through its lyrical and emotional lyrics.

Songs and fan base

Variable content, it deals with issues like sexuality, religion, patriarchy and personal tragedies. Some of her most famous and successful songs are China, Me and a Gun, Silent All These Years, Winter, Crucify, God, Cornflake Girl, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Professional Widow, Spark, Jackie\’s Strength and A Sorta Fairytale.

She has a huge worldwide fan base, who sold her (late 2005) twelve million copies thanks. In the charts, it is still to find the rare, since their success is based more on the albums. Her trademark voice beside her are her two Bösendorfer grand piano (one for live performances, the other for the studio) and a penchant for high heels. Unusual and sometimes helped firm their performances during interviews to the reputation of being an eccentric.

Influence on musicians such as Tori Amos Plant had Laura Nyro, Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and her teen idol Robert. Although they rather little in common with other artists on stage, took a short musical collaboration with Trent Reznor, Maynard James Keenan, Michael Stipe and Robert Plant.

Their most successful single release was unusual for her music dance remix of their song by Professional Widow Armand Van Helden.
Tori Amos

Tori Amos is the third child of Edison and Mary Ellen Amos. Despite the conservative Christian upbringing by her parents (her father is a Methodist pastor), she felt more spiritually connected to her Native American maternal grandfather and is a practicing follower of Native American Cherokee tradition.

Already with two and a half years ago Tori Amos to play piano as it is, with telephone directories on the piano stool. At five, she received a scholarship to the prestigious Peabody Conservatory of Music, where she was still the youngest participant. There, she was trained in classical singing and piano and was hoping for a career as a concert pianist. However, they insisted, to \”hear\” music and not to \”read\” music. This attitude led to the termination of their scholarship when she was eleven years old. She devoted herself to the comparatively rather rebellious music of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. At 13, she got her first job as a pianist in the gay bar Mr. Henry\’s in Georgetown. The next 13 years she spent with music playing in nightclubs, where she was accompanying the first years of her father as an overseer.
First album

After years of failed demo tapes in September 1984 they decided to move to Los Angeles in order to accelerate their career. In 1985 she founded the group Y Kant Tori Read, along with drummer Matt Sorum, which was to exist until 1987. Their efforts to end not as a piano bar-girls are finally successful with a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1986. Under the name Y Kant Tori Read the eponymous album was released in 1988. The market strategy made her a \”slut Rock a la Joan Jett or Pat Benatar, and presentation such as music had little in common with the later Tori Amos. Y Kant Tori Read was a total flop (7,000 copies sold), and the record company lost the contract for the time being, despite the interest in her. Copies of Y Kant Tori Read today are in the three-digit price range, sometimes they achieve almost the € 1000 mark.
First success: the 1990s

Without overt musical perspective, they now found the courage, introspective writing songs and got himself back on the piano. Their new, very piano-heavy songs were initially not well received by the label managers. Thanks to their immense stage experience, the record company decided to send her to England to see if their new songs the audience had a chance. In February 1991 she started in England, with its typical of them, accompanied only by piano solo performances. Tori gradually gained an audience, and the East West Records label then began to market the \”authentic\” Tori Amos. The song Me and a Gun, a musical processing of rape, a simple a cappella recording without instrumental accompaniment, which she wrote in the subway on the way to one of her performances and that evening performed, was the first publication under the name of Tori Amos (1991, UK). Amazingly, this should work hard to digest are also her first chart success. It followed the publication of Silent All These Years in Great Britain (1991).

The second hit parade success brought Tori Amos to present in a large-scale advertising campaign back in the USA, around 1992 her debut album Little Earthquakes. This album was not only a great commercial success, but was hailed by most critics as an outstanding singer-songwriter movement.

The following works Under the Pink was released in 1994 could surpass the commercial success of Little Earthquakes and even brought her to the extraction Cornflake Girl a Top Ten hit on (UK, 1994). This album produced, she co-wrote with Eric Rosse in the desert of New Mexico, it has mostly been in London. For her debut Little Earthquakes Amos found inspiration in their own lives, but this time she was looking at other people. The work was a mirror image of femininity and reflected, for example, the life of the Russian princess Anastasia, the writer Alice Walker and the artist Georgia O\’Keeffe. For the first time, here\’s the characteristic of her Bösendorfer grand piano is used, which accompanied her career to date. As with its predecessor, there were serious conflicts with this album with the record company, Amos even threatened to destroy all the master tapes. The reason for this was that the minimalist songs were not very compatible with mass.

Amos was in 1994 co-founder of Rainn (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network), which until today, the only American-wide free emergency hotline for rape victims (especially women and children).

With the 1996 album Boys for Pele, they broke through the dogma of pure piano player and played from now on organ and harpsichord on stage. It was largely influenced by the separation of Erick horses. (Amos and horses parted after a seven-year relationship. They were both life partners and colleagues, since horses served as her co-producer.) The album was recorded in a church in New Mexico and is characterized by a dark sound and the very cryptic acting texts – it is still regarded as Amos\’ most inaccessible work. Critically, the album, which comes in a novella-like shape, equally praised as taboo. Just in time for the renowned \”MTV Unplugged\” series, she worked again with the long-time friend Steve Caton (guitar player of Y Kant Tori Read) and together made her debut as Tori Amos \”Plugged\” on. The commercial success of Boys For Pele held up to the house remix of Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden made) for the time being limited, but they should just put this uncompromising album a further basis for their success. Of the scandal that it caused in 1996 by a photo of a piglet on her bare chest, one got in Germany with little.

A second miscarriage in 1998 she had become depressed. Musically made of this on the album From the Choir Girl Hotel noticeable, it can be predicted as their darkest work. She married on 22 Her sound engineer Mark Hawley in February 1998, responsible since 1994 for good sound at her concerts. Now they came not only with band (John Evans (bass), Steve Caton (guitar), Matt Chamberlain (drums)) but also plays synthesizer and piano (sometimes simultaneously). Accompanied by elaborate lighting effects, their concerts now aligned more conventional rock concerts. Published in 1999, live / studio album To Venus and Back is evidence of that time.

For a rift in 1998 Tori Amos was eager to leave their record label Atlantic Records. Their declared intention to publish any new plays at Atlantic, resulted eventually in the concept-album Strange Little Girls. This album consisting entirely of cover versions they finally fulfilled their contract and switched to Epic Records. In Strange Little Girls, it\’s theme songs that are written by men about women. Tori Amos assumes the position of each celebrated woman. The only single Strange Little Girl was due to a copyright dispute regarding the CD case taken off the market. Striking is the absence of her longtime guitarist Steve Caton, who was replaced for the studio recordings by the King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew.

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