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Yonca Lodi, (d. 17 September 1974, Ankara, Turkey) Turkish pop music singer.

After high school, a music recording center and the school orchestra for some concerts Lodi participated, for a period of two years, Mine Mater and the chance of Timur Selçuk and solmization by taking courses in 1992 the first test capabilities as past, Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Opera Performing Arts Department ‘We have continued training.

Established in 1993 with friends in the life of art as a professional in the music group started to take place Lodi, agreement signed in 1996 by Sony Music with the album in February 1999 with the first album has done its own name. In May of 1999, Text Altıoklar’ın Elevator film, the headliner is the brother of Mustafa Ugurlu and has called on his part. In October of 2001 album Love and Separation in the market, the Sony Music label Lodi, this album is the first clip, I belong to the Greek artist named George Alkeos’a has taken part. Sezen Aksu is a part of the album from the former to re-interpret the artist’s latest album Büklüm Büklüm the name of the “road to find my” stop. Lodi, Melih Kibar also has worked with.

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