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Zoë Saldaña (full name: Zoe Yadira Nazario Zaldaña, born June 19, 1978 in New Jersey) is an American actress with Dominican roots.


When Zoë Saldaña was nine years old, her father died in a traffic accident. After her mother returned with the family, who had previously lived in Queens, New York, studied in their homeland, the Dominican Republic back to where Zoe then ballet, jazz, Latin dance and modern dance. After she moved back to the U.S., she began studying drama. In New York, she attended the FACES Theater Company which performs plays about socially critical issues that will bring young people closer to the problems of society.

1999 Saldaña had their first gig as an actress in Law & Order. After supporting roles in Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) and Terminal (2004), she received 2009, the role of Uhura in the new Star Trek movie.

2009, it borrows in James Cameron’s Avatar the animated figure Neytiri their gestures, facial expressions and voice.


* 2000: Center Stage
* 2001: Get Over It (Get Over It)
* 2001: Snipes
* 2002: Not a Girl – Crossroads (Crossroads)
* 2002: Drumline
* 2003: Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl)
* 2003: Temptation
* 2004: Terminal
* 2004: Haven
* 2004: Constellation
* 2004: Dirty Deeds
* 2005: Guess Who – “My daughter not catch you! (Guess Who)
* 2005: La Maldición del padre Cardona
* 2005: Lucy
* 2006: Ways of the Flesh
* 2006: Premium
* 2006: After Sex
* 2007: The Skeptic
* 2008: 8 angle (Vantage Point)
* 2009: Star Trek
* 2009: Avatar – Setting out for Pandora (Avatar)


She was nominated at the MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss.

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